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QR Code in Local Government

QR codes are a great marketing tool even for government. There are many ways to use QR codes within your local municipality and most are either low cost or free. The best part is the technical knowledge to implement QR codes is minimum.

In this article, I will explain how to create a QR code easily and some ideas on how to use the QR codes within your government agency.

How to Create a QR Code for Government Agencies

Since this article is for government, many of which are running on very slim budgets, I will show you how to create a QR code at no additional cost.

To create a QR code use a QR code generator or creator. For this article, I am going to suggest my favorite QR code generator, which is completely free to use.

First, choose which type of QR code you will be creating. Most of your QR codes will most likely be URLs, also known as website links. Second, enter the information into the generator. Third, change the size to about 500px. Lastly, click on the Download button to download the QR code image.

Now take this QR code and place it into or onto some of the items described below.

Ways to use QR Codes in Local Government

Administrative QR Code Uses

Government QR Code Business Cards
QR Code Business CardUse QR codes to easily allow others to download all of your information directly off your business cards. Using QR codes on business cards is quick and simple to create. Your QR code can contain all your contact information, a link to a website, open up a video or download your mobile app. Read my article, How to create a QR Code Business Card with Ease, to find out how to easily create a QR code business card.

Commission/Council Contact Info
Instead of a visitor to City Hall having to pickup a business card for each of their Commissioners or Councilpersons, create a poster or sign that has their names and maybe a picture of each of them. Next to this information, place a QR code vCard, which can be created with the QR code generator listed above. When a resident scans the QR code, the Commissioner’s/Councilperson’s information will be brought up onto the residents phone and give them the option of saving the information into their phone.

Employment Opportunity Advertising
One of the biggest issues with creating advertising for open positions within your government agency is that they can change daily. Recreating these advertisements can be costly. Instead, create a mobile friendly webpage and then create a QR code that links to this page. Now just print all your advertisements for employment opportunities with this QR code on them and now you have an easy way to change your postings without having to reprint all your advertisements.

Also, use QR codes to give details on a specific job posting. Have it pull up the job description, benefit package, compensation, etc.

Print Marketing and Newsletters
Use QR codes in your print marketing materials. With QR codes, you can extend your print material. In a newsletter, use QR codes to show a video that explains in detail the information you are trying to convey in the article. In your event flyers, provide information about parking details, entertainment bios and even video commercials of the event itself. Easily turn your print advertisement into a digital masterpiece.

QR codes in the Building Department

Building Permit Placards
Use QR codes on your building permit on-site placards. Have the QR code lead the scanner to a website or PDF detailing the project. This will help inform the neighbors of exactly what is taking place on the particular property.

Zoning Notifications
Post a QR code on your large yellow zoning notification signs. This will help you to better communicate the information about a zoning change to your residents. Many times, due to legal requirements, you can only fit a certain amount of information onto one of these signs. Use the QR codes to send residents to a mobile friendly page giving more information about the zoning change.

Building Project Information
When a new development project comes to your local municipality, it is almost always either welcome with arms wide open or just the opposite. Many residents do not know about the project until the trees are being cleared and everything has already been approved. Instead, post a sign with a QR code on it at the lot where the project will take place. Use this QR code to lead residents to a page giving all the information about upcoming meetings and project information. Take this one step further by having the QR code bring up a video that shows a 3d rendering  and your Community Development Director explaining on video the details of the project. This will help reassure your residents about the project and also allow you as a municipality to convey the right information to your residents before they hear rumors that may or may not be entirely true.

Parks and Recreation QR Code Ideas

Pavilion Rental Rates and Information
Post a sign on your rental pavilions that has a QR code giving a park goer all the information they need to reserve a pavilion. Have the QR code lead the park goer to a mobile friendly site that explains your rates, rules, information and possibly the pavilion availability. Use this page to also showcase some of your other pavilions located at other parks within your municipality.

Sport League Information
Place QR codes on signs and buildings in and around your ball fields, providing information on your sport leagues. Have the QR code open either a video or website pushing your sports programs.

Trail Markers and Park Information
Place posts with placards around your park showcasing different facts about your parks and facilities. Show off your awards or provide more information about the historic tree that is along their path. Use QR code trail markers to bring some more life to that nature trail located in your city.

Promote Public Safety with QR Codes

Emergency Email Notification Signup
Create a QR code that takes your residents to a page that allows them to sign up for your emergency email notifications. Make sure this page is mobile friendly and try to request as little information as possible to encourage mobile signups.

Emergency Text Message Signup
If your government agency uses an emergency text messaging program, have the QR code setup to send an SMS signing the resident up for text message alerts. To do this, use the generator and select SMS. Fill out all information and create the code.

Public Safety PSAs
Place QR codes up around your city with links to PSA videos and websites. For example, place a sign with a QR code inside of a parking lot with a link to a video encouraging them to lock their vehicles.

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