How To Create A QR Code Business Card With Ease

QR Code Business CardSo it is time to order new business cards. You have read about how QR codes are a great marketing tool for your business. You have seen unique uses of QR codes all around the internet and around town. You have decided, it is time you put a QR code onto your business card. I am here to show you how you can easily do this yourself and not have to pay a fortune to have it done.

Why Should I Put a QR Code On My Business Card?

Why shouldn’t you? The QR code can contain all of your important contact details in one small image that is scan-able by most smart phones. When you hand someone your business card, they may keep it, or like most people they will stick it in their pocket and wash it in their next load of laundry. By adding a QR code, you will encourage this person to scan your QR code on your business card with their phone and instantly be able to add you and all your information to their contacts. After this, you could care less what they do with your business card since you know they have your information safely stored away.

Another great reason to place a QR code on your business card is for the perfect ice breaker. Often, when you hand someone your business card, they almost always look at it with you standing right in front of them. With a QR code, you may get asked the question, “what is this funny looking icon?” This is the perfect timing to explain to them exactly what it is, even whip out your phone and demonstrate it. That person will now walk away with your card in hand and remember who you were.

Many different business are using QR codes on their business cards. Check out these 21 examples of QR code business cards for design ideas and to see how other businesses are using QR codes on their business cards.

How You Can Easily Create a QR Code Business Card

So if you have found this article via a Google search, you most likely are already interested in creating a QR code business card. I am sure you have found printing companies that “specialize” in QR code business cards, for a “small” fee. I am here to tell you, there is no need to pay that fee, as it is quick, simple and painless to create your own.

Step 1: You will need to visit and click on vCard.

Step 2: Enter all your information into the text boxes.

Step 3: Change the size to about 500px

Step 4: Click Download

Now you have the QR code saved to your computer hard drive. I would recommend that you do a quick test scan to make sure it is correct and works for your phone.

How to Create a QR Code That Includes Your Social Media

Many people and businesses look for a way to create a QR code that leads visitors to connect with their social media pages. The biggest problem with any QR code generator is the fact that they only allow you to link to one site. By using a free service such as QRMobilize, you can create one QR code that links to multiple social media accounts and other information.  By placing one of these QR codes on your business card, you can easily connect with others on the go. The best feature is that you can login and update your information without changing your already printed QR code.

Read how to create a mobile friendly QR code landing page for more options on linking your QR codes to social media and other important information you wish to convey.

Final Step, Get It Printed

Now that you have saved your QR code, you can give it to your business card designer, upload it into your printing company’s self-service business card creator or if your making your card yourself, just drop it into your business card design. It is as simple as that.

For a little more fun, on you can always click the “Advanced” button to have a little more fun with your QR code. You can change the colors and adjust the margins.

If you need any help, please comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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  • Can i create only website QR code

  • JEAN

    Do you know about any free template service to create Badges ID cards. Then I hope I can insert the QR code. This is for a non-profit organization. Thanks

  • HDRockerCgirl

    Ok, I made it larger, 500 x 500, copied, pasted, resized it. It now scans but it shows a black screen and nothing else.

  • HDRockerCgirl

    I own a school bus company and employ about 160. Would it be possible, as a company function, to create a unique qr code for each employee and print qr on their ID badges? I’d like to have a way for the school districts we provide transportation for to verify that these are actually employees. There have been school buses stolen and a fear is that some one might try to kidnap students waiting for the bus. Hasn’t happened, to my knowledge, just want to be proactive.

    By the way, I created one for myself, to try it, and Microsoft tag did not work. But as I read other posts here, it may have been too small, I need for it to fit on ID badges.

  • Andreas


    I have a problem when doing my “testprint” for my businesscard on normal paper. The QR-code doesn´t look the same as in digital and therefore it won´t work when scanning with my mobile. It only works on the computerscreen. What can I do?

    Thanks for quick answer 🙂

    Best regards/Andreas

    • Alan Townend

      There seem to be two types of codes a simple one which is reliable and then one with thousands of dots which possibly have to be bigger and also needs optimum lighting.
      This is an extremely helpful article.

  • Bob B

    how do i set up my iphone 4s to show the QR code

  • I turned QR code business cards into a game.

  • Guillermo

    Write the sentense inside the IF better

  • finchbird

    I, too, want to include MULTIPLE contact numbers — office, cell, fax. How is that accomplished? And, did anyone answer the SIZE limitation question below?

    • Dorcas

      Finch what happen to your concern regarding on how to add more phone numbers

  • MrRaiyani


  • Jim

    Hello I need to learn about printing QR codes on the back of business cards.
    Some one sent me one but it seems small about 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch .
    Is their a certain size they should be? Will this be to small to work with a phone?
    I have no experience with QR codes.  Please reply to if you can help. Thank You JIM

  • Query

    Hi Chris, 
    I want to know if there is anyway I can auto-save the content of the scanned QR code to a specified directory on the laptop or the phone. Thank you

  • Donna Lou

    Chris, thank you so much…. easy. Question: how do I add an image to my card?

  • Sreeram

    hai….i like qrcode apps very much.i wish to apply this  in doing my project.i want to create QR code to marklist and by using that we should see our marklist any where from the world.can u please guide me to do this project pls……………………..

  • Coralys D&C

    For the doubting ones, the goQR site generates direct, ad-free QRCodes. Just try the generated code on your phone, mine when scanned from the website (point scanner at monitor) it bleeps and asks me if I want to store the contact details, no ads. Always test as there are some QRCode generators out there that point you to their site.

    There are several problems with a VCard embedded in a QRCode. It is usually too dense to read by most (smart)phones. I tried BlackBerries and Nokias with a 1″x1″ QRCode (VCard data) and none was able to scan it from paper at that size. Reading it in big format from the screen was no problem but you can’t put it that big on your business card.

    Sure, many suggest using the URL shorteners and sites that send you the VCard or whatever. The question is… how many of these sites are going to be online? you have no guarantee, many simply vanish after a year or less. I suggest, if you want to stream your VCard then do it straight from your own website.

  • Ed

    how do you get a vcard code to where it would be simple to scan then save as a contact? and not have any ads in them?

  • Maryeowen

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you.  How do we know that we aren’t using a ad first qr? Don’t want any ads, just straight to my site.

  • Hi Chris, what generic explanation would you print on the business card to explain how to use the QR code? Many thanks for the great article

  • Ramona

    Hi Chris,
    I need help. I done some research and understand some of it. My boss wants to put a qr code on the back of his business card. He wants it to download all of his contact information and have the option to go to our website at the same time. Is this possible. Is there a site that I can go to to do this. I am sorry, but I am very ignorant on this subject I do not have a phone that can download this type of information either.

    • Great article.

      Hi Ramona,

      The way to do what you’re looking for is via a mini-mobile page between the contact download and the QR code. That way, you can link as much information (website, twitter stream or any other social media, video’s, pictures etc). Key when looking at contact download is your handling of iPhones, as iPhones are really bad for not accepting contact downloads.

      We do a service that does this easily, and, if you’re a software developer, you could do this yourself too. Happy to advise if you want to have a go at this yourself.


  • Jason


    I have tried several different encoders and readers and have found that they all fail to properly separate the first and last name field as well as the address field. Do you know if this is a problem with Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) API just not parsing the vCard data properly? I find it hard to believe that all the encoders and readers I have tried have bugs. Not a very good time saver if the user has to “fix” my contact card after they import it from my business card!


    • I have noticed the same thing. I am not sure if there is a work around for it.

      • Jason

        Thanks Chris.
        I have not been able to find much information about the issue 🙁
        I guess I need to track down an Android Gingerbread device and an iPhone and see how they perform.
        I just love tech that *almost* works don’t you? 😉

        • Jason

          Just a little update. Did an experiment.
          Copied the vCard file I am trying to turn into a QR Code directly onto my Froyo device and did a direct import from the Contact app. Worked fine, the fields parsed as they should. I would say this definitely points to the API the QR Coder readers are using to talk to the Contact app. Unfortunate to say the least….

          • Might be a good idea to contact a QR reader company and ask them if they could correct the issue. It would give them something to brag about and set them apart from all the other readers.

      • Jason


        Suspicions confirmed 🙁
        I heard back from QuickMark and Barcode Scanner and there is a limitation in the Android API available to developers that prevents them from properly parsing multiple value lines like name and address. That is truly a shame as it really ruins a rather clever way of sharing contact details. I tried to see if there was a way to get an enhancement request into Android, but I could not find one.

        Thanks for listening!


        • Ah. That’s kinda what I was thinking it could be. Well, thanks for finding out for everyone why. Great work.

  • Contact Data embedded in a QR Code have several problems.

    1 – data density, the code will get to big to cover all my data
    2 – readability, 2 of 5 smartphones have problems reading high density QR Codes
    3 – If any of the details change you need a new QR Code

    There are several services in the web offering you a “short QR” code connected to a micropage you can edit in notime.

    You should have a look at

    best wishes

    • Thanks Marco. I prefer as a micropage service however Ucardo looks alright. There are several services that do this and its all a matter of preference.

      • May I ask what exactly make you prefere instead of others ? Seems like they offer less features and the page performance is kinda bad (at least in UK)

        Maybe I missed something.


        • Each person has their opinion. Just a matter of preference.

  • QR Codes are definitely here to stay. I have struggled with getting them to scan with my Blackberry however. I have tried i-nigma and ScanLife and neither seem to work very well. The BB just takes a photo of the code! Do you have any other suggestions for QR Readers that work on a BB?

    • Yes, for QR code readers for the black berry check out my list of QR code readers. In that article, you will find 3 great free QR code readers on the blackberry.

    • Hi Louise. The issue you have is most probably not the software, but, the camera on the phone. All the software uses the camera to focus on the black and white dots.

      When creating QR codes, you want to test them BB’s, as these typically have the worst cameras with which to scan.

      To get better scans, try reducing the amount of information inside the QR code (shorter URL, or, generally less information). Alternatively, increase the size of the QR code and it should work.

      Nick –

  • jj

    Thnx for this wonderful application insight info .I have read about qr codes,i have got a keen interst in qr codes & i wanna learn things regarding qr codes so that i cud do something related to qr code, my wht nxt to do. specially in educational field & personal networking i.e. business card etc,looking forward ur guidance like a mentor

    kind rgds

  • Yvonne

    Great article; very helpful. Thanks. How do I change, or add to, the information on my QR code? I guess that only works if I link to my website on the code and then update info on the website??

    • Once your QR code has been created, you would have to recreate the code. You can use services such as to create qr code mobile pages which you can then update whenever you need to. This would mean the QR code would stay the same and just the info on that page would change.

  • Great Article! Thank you for the Share:) QR codes are gonna be huge!

  • Thanks for the tips. Any suggestions on how I can create a code like the one you describe, that includes everyone’s contact details, for several hundred people. It would be great if you could upload the data into the fields.

    • Due to limitation on QR codes, adding a list of several hundred people is not possible. You could have a link to in the QR code that lead them to some sorta contact file they could download, however not sure what kind of file this would be.

  • I’d like to point out It’s a site I made specifically with business cards in mind because none of the established websites allow you to provide multiple emails, phone numbers, or urls for your QR code. At codeqr you’ll be able to do all that, as well as use other types of data too.

    • Your does not support international characters like ø.

      • Sorry it was bad QR software on my iPhone. Now I changed software and it works.

    • mandys

      Can you generate code as an .eps file? This is exactly what I’m looking for, but need an eps image for hi-res printing.

  • Don


    Great article! Is there a way to add my professional photograph to the information embedded in the qr code? I did not see such an option on

  • Matt

    I love the idea of the QR code on a business card, however I am a bit leary. I’ve tried a dozen or so different QR generator sites, when I go to test the code on my smartphone, (blackberry torch) it does not add my information to the contacts properly. ALL of the QR generators scramble the data, or a window pops up on my phone and it does not add to my contacts (which defeats the purpose). Have you had any experience with this? A rep. came into my business and had the QR code on his card. I scanned it, and all of his info was added perfectly to my phone. So, in other words, it is not my phone.

  • Does it matter what size the code is when you import it into your card design? Can it be too small?

    • The key to sizing is to be sure your card reader can still read it. Make sure when you download your get it at the largest size you can so that way no matter what DPI your business card is printed in…it can be scaled down. Scaling up can cause distortion and make it unreadable.

      • Mine won’t work! It’s under 1cm sq. After the fact, I read that it should be at least 1.5 cm sq – but that might be for older phones. I don’t yet have a new one to test, but to think I was just trying to schedule WHEN I was getting my new one. Sigh.

        I read a great article and made mine small, which was a tip, but it’s all fail. I’m mad that I tested all wrong. My 3 phone has never worked with any and now I feel like a poor un-geek!

        • I should note, that since I’m SO bad with math and numbers that I did not measure, my honey did BUT I’m not totally sure I relayed the info well on my sizing.

          It seemed fine; it looks good on the card. My testing was awful and I’m mad at myself. Weird thing; it was DISTORTED in my test and worked, but small = nope. Since we’re in mid-move and our printer wasn’t already set up – not trying to be lazy, I didn’t know enough – I aimed it at the computer, although I was zoomed at OUT LEAST, so it wasn’t giant, but I guess it was bigger. Sigh. Weird that there were lines in the way, you know like photographing the computer, and it was I guess just a bit bigger – and it worked better.

          Oh yes, and even better a size, apparently, is at least 3cm. *raspberry*

  • QR Code on a buisness card can be very helpfull providing a quick and moders way of giving out personal details. That’s my opinion.

  • Luke

    If I added this to my business card, when a person scans it would it save my contact details in their phone?

    If not, what would it do?

    Is it right you can set it to go to a website?

    • If you set it up as a vCard and scan it with your mobile phone, most mobile phone software will recognize it and will give you a few options such as Call, Visit Website or Add to Contacts. They just hit which they would like to do and it is done.

      You can just put a URL in if you choose and when it is scanned it will open the internet browser on their phone and take you to that website. If you put a YouTube video in the URL, it will (on Android devices not fully sure about Blackberry and iPhone) open the video up in your YouTube player and start playing it.

      Hope this helps!

  • I like that it will give all your information on what your business is about!Thanx for the step by step

  • Phil

    Nice article Chris. We’ve gone to QR codes on all of our print materials.

    Some best practices to go along with this approach: since US adoption is still pretty low, include a brief explanation of what the QR code is and how one can use it. It’s a little clunky on a business card but you’ll see it getting more use when you provide this information.

    • Ah yes. Perfect suggestion Phil. I have seen a few different examples of this on other print materials. Most explain what iPhone software to use to scan it, however I am sure a brief generic one would be perfect. I have been working on trying to my place of work to adopt these items for our newsletter and other print items, however they are slow to catch on.

      • Hi Chris,

        I’m adding A QR to my business cards- I’m directing users to my URl- What if I want to change the URL? Would I need to preint NEW biz cards again, or can I just revise the QR code?


        • Yes you would. My suggestion would be to use a URL redirection service and then encode the QR code with that URL then if you need to point it somewhere else, you could just change where the URL points to. Another suggestion is to use a service like and create a mobile page which can be updated as information changes.

          • What’s the best FREE redirect service in your opinion?

          • I would say as it supposedly never expires. I prefer to use my own domain names and just setup subdomains so that I know they will always be good since I own them. This however would cost the price of a domain name. is your best free option.

          • No, I saw a service that if you REGISTER, you can just change the URL for the same image, and I THINK it’s still free.