How Big Should I Make My QR Code?

Many have asked what the proper size is to make their QR code. How big should the QR code be? How small can a QR code be? The simple answer is that there is no standard size for a QR code. The long answer is it depends on your medium that your creating the QR code for.

Proper QR Code Sizing

Your QR code needs to be able to be read from a person using their mobile phone. This means that if you are creating a billboard, your QR code will need to be quite large in order to be read from the side walk.

If you create one for television, you may want to test it on different sized televisions from the normal location you would view your television, i.e. the couch.

When creating one for print, you want to make sure that the QR code prints out large enough to not become blurry. Be sure not to make it too large as you don’t want people to have to hold their phone way away from the paper or magazine.

QR Code Size on a Business Card

When creating a qr code business card, you want to make sure you don’t make the qr code too small. This is for two reasons. Reason one is that you want the QR code on the business card to be readable and reason two is you want your QR code to stand out.

My suggestion on the proper size for a QR code on a business card is that it be no smaller than 1 by 1 inch however, most QR codes on business cards are at least 1.75 by 1.75 inches. See examples of QR code business cards for a better idea on how to properly size a QR code on your business card.

Test…Test and Test Some More

Always test your QR codes for proper sizing and proper data. Here are some ideas for testing your QR code:

  • Test in different light settings (daylight, small lamp, florescent lighting, etc.)
  • Test with different QR code reader apps
  • Test at different angles
  • Test with different phones if you can (different cameras will see QR codes differently)

Your code should be picked up almost every time. If it is not, that means the size may not be large enough or you may be putting too much data into the code.

Use URL Shortening Services To Make The Code Less Complex

The more data you try to store in your QR code, the larger it will need to be and the harder it is to be read by a mobile device. The best thing to do is use a URL shortening service such as or to shorten your URL so that your not trying to store a large URL into your code.

Wrap Up

So basically after reading this, I know you may have not had your question fully answered, however, I was trying to convey the point that there is no official rules on how big or how small you should make your QR code. Literary, size does not matter with QR codes. As long as it can be read from your mobile device, it is the right sized QR code.

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    mispelled literally…

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      Way to diminish a wonderful & helpful article.

  • Kiran

    Can I create QR code of 1/2 Inch by 1/2 Inch

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  • Great article!! Just what I was looking for. I’ve been asked to design some artwork for a side of a building incorporating QR codes and reading this article has made me more confident in taking on the job. Many thanks

    • Michel

      Lewis interested in your project and what upper practical size you have reached with the QR tag if it is to remain readable?

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