Comprehensive List of QR Code Generators

QR code generators are popping up everywhere you look. Below, I have searched all over and found some of the best QR code generators and QR code mobile website builders which have been reviewed below. To read QR codes, you will need a QR code reader. I have a list of QR code readers for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

Now enough talk, lets get into the reviews. – Free QR Code Generator

I start of with this one as it is my favorite. is completely free and even ad free. It is simple to use and generates a downloadable PNG at any size you choose.You can also set the size of the margin around the QR code, background color, QR code color and error correction code. Creates:

  • Text QR Codes
  • URL/Link QR Codes
  • Phone Number QR Codes
  • SMS QR Codes
  • vCard QR Codes (best for QR code business cards)

QRMobilize  – Mobile Website Builder and QR Code Generator

Free Mobile Website BuilderThis site provides a FREE mobile website builder for creating a quick QR code mobile webiste that links to all your social media accounts. This mobile website builder makes it easy for businesses and individuals to make mobile websites for their QR codes.  When you sign up, you have the option of adding a picture, your bio, phone number, email, website and then each of your social networks. The mobile website builder then generates a QR code in both low and high resolution for you to use. Their idea is you use this one QR code to link to all your information rather than having to decide between this link or that link. They host the page and it opens in your mobile browser. This is a new product that is adding more and more features each day. Here are the current features:

  • Ability to add Facebook User or Facebook Page
  • Ability to add Twitter
  • Can add over 15 other social networks including Google +
  • Mobile website that works on most mobile phones
  • Built with businesses in mind
  • 6 different themes to choose from for your mobile website
  • Clean and simple design
  • Active development. Company continues to add more each day.

QR Code and 2D Code Generator by Kerem Erkan

This QR code generator is also a generator for data matrix, aztec code and micro QR code. This QR code generator gives you similar options to

QR Code and 2D Code Generator Creates:

  • Text QR Code
  • URL/Link QR Codes
  • Phone Number QR Codes
  • SMS QR Codes
  • vCard QR Codes (best for QR code business cards)
  • vCalendar QR Codes
  • Google and Bing Maps QR codes
  • Raw Geological Coordinates QR Code
  • Youtube QR Codes
  • Android Market QR Codes
  • Connect to WIFI network for Android Devices QR Code
  • And a few others

QR Stuff – Feature Rich QR Code Generator

This QR code generator has many options. The sky is the limit with this one. The only downside to QR Stuff is that you will have to pay a subscription fee to have access to download a Hi-Res image of your QR code for print.

QR Stuff Creates:

  • Text QR Codes
  • URL/Link QR Codes
  • Phone Number QR Codes
  • SMS Message QR Codes
  • vCard QR Codes
  • Google Maps QR Codes
  • Paypal Buy Now QR Codes
  • Social Media QR Codes
  • iTunes Link QR Codes
  • Youtube QR Codes
  • Connect to WIFI network for Android Devices QR Code
  • And a few others

Many More…

There are many other qr code generators out there. The above are my top picks. Here is a list of other QR code generators:

  • ZXing – Simple to use interface (no advanced options).
  • Delivr – Another simple to use interface (no advanced options).
  • SnapMaze – Few types however allows color choices.
  • RACO – For advanced users, not very simple to use.
  • SparqCode – Simple to use however put their branding on the QR Code.
  • BeQRious – Simple and has many options. Allows you to put your logo into the code.
  • Bosqweb – Several options including social media.
  • AT&T Create-A-Code – Requires registration to use.
  • ConnectMe QR – Creates a mobile page with your contact info.
  • ItsMyURLs – Sort of the MySpace of QR codes.
  • Jumpscan – Creates a mobile page with all your contact and social info.
  • Kaywa – Simple. URL, Text, SMS and Phone only.
  • Likify – Creates a QR code that goes to a like button for your FB Page.
  • Mobilefish – Advanced QR code generator.
  • MyQR – Simple. URL, Text, Contact Card and Map only.
  • QReate & Track – Simple to use with plenty of info. Also allows for tracking.
  • Quickmark – Many options to choose from.
  • Qurify – Only does text. Nothing else.
  • SmallQR – Creates a short link QR code.
  • Social QR Code – Requires registration. Creates QR codes for social media.
  • SPARQcode – Many options. Also creates a social media box.
  • TapReader – Simple. Creates several commonly used items.
  • Tagginn – QR Code & MS TAG Generating with Tracking Analytics
  • – Offers a Free API
  • QR Pro – Profile Exchange, Reader and Creator of QR 2D Barcode Profession Version in iPhone ($1.99)

Batch QR Code Generators

I have had a few requests from visitors looking for batch qr code generators that will allow you to create multiple qr codes for multiple batches of data. I was unable to locate a free batch qr code generator however I found on site that offers it for a decent price. I have not tried this out my self, however it looks like it may do the job.

To process and create batches of qr codes, just visit QRStuff’s Paid Subscriptions. This will allow you (so they say) to process up to 500 QR codes at a time at a price of $1.25 per 1000 QR codes.

Add More QR Code Generators to the List

Please post below any QR code generators we may have missed and what makes them stand out. I will add these to the list as time allows.

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    Good article, Thanks!


    my company was searching for AO440 a few weeks ago and was informed of an online platform with a lot of sample forms . If you have been needing AO440 too , here’s a

  • Great review, Chris….it helps me, a lot.

    Thank you very much!

  • Tony DeAngelis

    as I create this ,,, im finding it difficult to upload a photo. it taking forever and still not uploaded….any suggetstions?

  • Ari
    Visualead’s generator generates visual QR Codes. They have developed a technology where any design itself can be transformed into a QR Code.
    Keep the design and ad the engagement.

  • There is a new Free QR Code Generator @QR4. It is also available in the Chrome Web Store. This Product offers a QR Code and a Mobile Website with the ability to have a vCard and Link and SMS from one code.

  • vibhuti

    hi ,
    Thanks for this article.
    if possible then could you please provide the name of QR code generator and reader which are india or africa based and also the name of QR code generator and reader which provide API ?
    thanks !

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    impressed jointly with your writing skills as neatly as with the formation in
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  • I found had use YouScan.Me Has a nice, full landing page, with many options. It isn’t perfect but is by far the best free option I’ve found yet. I was just on your site to see if I could find better and will some were close but I still prefer this one.

  • Hi,Thanks for a great list of QR services. We hope you would like to add SQUARE:CODE. www.squarecode.bizOur CONSUMER:CONTROL (pat. pending) feature means that for the first time ever, clothing and giftware printers can sell their products on the High Street featuring QR codes that customers can personalise themselves. All the messages can remain branded by the printer, with a call to action to purchase more products.SQUARE:CODE also brings many benefits to conventional campaigns and all our Codes are supported by a range of features including:• Automated Scheduled Updates• Tag Cloud Analytics, Tracking & Reporting• Mobile Updating: control your QR Code Marketing with a mobile phone• Branding: include a Call to Action on every message

  • In my opinion MeCard is probably better for QR Code encoding because you can encode the same data with marginally less characters, normally leading to a smaller size QR Code.

  • Imaginative ways of using QR-Codes People on all levels seem to have more
    creative for their challenges.


  • Jarrods

    Is there any free QR generators that also offer a menu option for free, once you scan the code?

  • Hans

     Very nice list.

    Has anyone seen an offline generator for Windows or Linux that supports smooth edges?

  • SuperQR

    Why adding in your list the AT&T code generator that instantiate flashcode and not standard and opened QR-Code?

  • We like the whole QR buzz so much we we have just launched a new application.  eziQR ticks all the boxes – template, QR code, hosting. Smartphone-ready pages you can keep updating. Like your feedback?

  • Charry

    I am bit overwhelmed by finding the right service for our company’s QR-could someone advise. I am launching new company busienss card and waht QR code for each employee so when card is scanned their contact info goes into epoples address book. I also want a QR that links people to our company website/contact page. Do I need 2 QR codes on my business cards? Can you recommend the best Free QR Generator that will do the trick for me?

  • John

    Thanks.  Very helpful.  Can I ask — if I am planning to use the QR code to promote different specials at our wine bar — are you able to change the special within the same code?  and if you can is anyone of the above better then another? 


  • Charlesmarais

    To scan WiFi QR Codes on Abdroid, you can use “Easy Wifi Connect” a very convenient and free app…

  • Marc

    Check out: | you can export your vCard direct to your of it:if your number or anything else change: just change it in the admin at your code wil be the same!!..:-)

    • Jen

      Yes, but this site is in German, so all language, except what is typed in by you, comes to the recipient in German.

  • Li Long

    QR Pro – Profile Exchange, Reader and Creator of QR 2D Barcode Profession Version in iPhone

  • Don’t forget who also offer a free API and auto page URL conversion feature (via cut/paste javascript)

  • How about They provide high resolution images, mobile landing pages, analytics, etc. but at a cost.

    I would like to create custom QR codes with embedded images. Do you know of any website that does that at no cost?

    • At no cost, no. does some custom designs at 35 bucks a pop. The other thing is to attempt to do it your self. 

    • Ungaro

      Tagginn will do it for free.

  • Hi Chris,

    Don’t forget Tagginn on your list! We offer QR Code & MS TAG Generating with Tracking Analytics to know exactly when and how people interact with your code. We’ve got a Free package available!

    Very best wishes,

    Nick Sprangers

    • Added. Thanks Nick.

    • Does tagginn offer editable destination URLs? In the free or paid models? Unclear from the website. Thanks.

      • Hi Emily,

        We also offer editable URLs in our Free Package! I hope you like our service..

        Very best wishes,

        Nick Sprangers

  • Has anyone tried Also, if you decide to use another site to generate your QR code, would you have to create a new code or your code would still work?

    • Xodiaq

      MS Tags are redirects, so they can change destination, but standard 2d QR codes are like a printed perma-link. its literal encoding of the text address (unless your encoded address IS a redirect, but you’d be aware of that if that was the case).

  • There is an online batch QR code generator at that will accept an excel file with up to 100 data items and return a zip file with the QR codes in it.

  • im curious about qr codes that dont have the obvious squares in the top and bottom left and top right corners as most seem do
    does anyone know the name for this type
    if it helps they are being used for site number identification on bus shelters and other outdoor advertising media

    • Those 2D barcodes are Datamatrix, they are an older form of barcodes than the QR Code. They are mainly used in the industry. They do not support Kanji encoding (which is kind of why the QR Code was invented, in Japan).

  • Samantha

    I am also looking for a site that does batch QR Codes. It doesn’t have to be free. Even if it is software I need to purchase would be fine. I have a mail tracking program that requires each piece to have its own unique qr code. Any suggestions?

    • Samantha, Check out this article : there is also a working demo to make name tags with QR codes, but I guess it all depends on what type of QR code you need to generate. Another option could be to make use of the QR code API and feed it a script to create multiple QR codes.

    • Brockmprice

      What activities might require batch QR code requests?

      • Vogelpesto

        Printing personalised URLs in QR code format  

    • Waqas Azeem

      Is there any Free source that generate QR codes with my logo .?

  • Good Article, related to the batch generating – is there really a demand ? I think it`s not so hard to create a excel to QR code script.

    Regarding the List: Would be nice if you could add like some mentioned services a QR + mobile page generator for short QR Codes.

    Thanks Marco

  • Thanks Loic, however, the bosqweb reference only does ONE piece of data per QR code, whereas ConnectmeQR is a mobile site and presents lots of data from one point – very cool, very user friendly, but not able to change the default +1 before the phone number.

    Maybe I will write to them to ask if this is possible. Thanks anyway. J

    • Maybe try It allows country codes and creates a mobile landing page with other info on it.

      • Hey Chris, Thanks for the advice, actually I have an account at and whereas it does the same as ConnectmeQR, the mobile landing page doesn’t look as professional as the latter. As an update to this thread, I heard back from ConnectmeQR and they said that at present there is NO international dialling option but they are currently putting one in, so I am going to stick with them (at $4.99 a month after the 30 day period) and with new functionality if it grows and is a slick as it looks now, it will be worth it.

  • I really like the look and functionality of the however one big downside for UK users, you cannot adapt the telephone number so it always shows as +1- before the number which means no calling to phones outside of US.

    If you know of any way to change this, please tell me as it looks the most professional of all the mobile QR code options.

    Thanks, Józefa

  • Beth

    I’ve been using It’s free, and it provides good free data on when and how often it’s scanned. If anyone sees a downside to this one, I’d be interested to hear it.

    • The downside is you can’t edit the destination URL, correct?

  • Hi,

    Another free site generator qr code color


    • I will check it out and add it to my next update for the list.

  • Teddy

    Thanks but do you a website which can generate many URL in many QR Code, 1 URL 1 QR code in the same time ?

    • QRStuff does batch qr codes but at a price. I have added the information to the article.

    • Nathan

      QRinkle ( is a free qr code generator that supports batch generation by importing your URL’s from a CSV file.  There is no limit to the number of codes you can create like that.

      • Thanks Nathan for mention this batch qr code generator. I love the price on it…FREE! I will add this to my article this weekend one I can take a closer look at it. Again, Thanks!

  • Thanks for the article listing for the codes. Great, I retweet it as its good info..