22 Great Examples of QR Code Business Cards

A few months ago, I wrote an article on how to create a QR code business card with ease. Since that time, I have had a few ask me about how they should make their QR code business card look. My response has been, it’s your card and the sky is the limit. To help with some design ideas, I have sent these people to Google to look for some QR code business cards. I have decided to do something I rarely do on this blog, and create a post full of pictures only. Below you will find 22 great examples of QR code business cards that I have found on the web. Use a QR code reader for your mobile phone to scan these QR codes and see how they work.

QR Code Business Card Examples

Drew Hornebin – Note the use of two QR codes, one with all the info and one for just the phone number. Also note the logo faded in behind the QR code to make that boring black and white QR code stand out.

23rd & 5th – Great way to draw the QR code into the design of the business card.

Chocolate Graphics – Great use of color and use of QR code art in the middle of the code.

Advant Tech – Simple yet elegant. Note the instuctions that are under the QR code. Great way to help others learn about QR codes.

Clever Cupcakes – This little cupcake shop came up with a great way to show off their QR code. Very unique and great idea.

Comando Patches – This QR code business card stands out because it is actually a patch that is the size of a business card.

Dash Magazine – Simple QR code placement. The unique factor of this card is the transparency on the business card.

Digibrand – Simple with die cut.

Durden Outdoor

Fridgehead – This is a great idea however it does not work for any reader I have.

Geng Gao

ivm Web Solutions – Square business cards are the perfect shape for QR codes to fit right on the back.

Katie Carroll – Great business card for a musical artist. One QR code takes you to a music download.

Rodion Kovenkin Photography – Includes instrustions on how to use the QR code

Simple card for an indvidual

Rebils – Another great use of a sqaure business card. Note the colors used in the QR code on this business card.

Taylord Productions – QR codes can be placed on any color background. Just make sure they are still readable by QR code readers.


Tom Neal Film – This is a great way to put a QR code on the back. It looks nice being placed on the dark background.

Trifecta – Great way to call out to the QR code on this business card. Large orange arrow informs you that the code should be scanned.

Wanda Digital

QR Communiceert – Great looking transparent QR code business card. Notice by changing the angles they are able to take what would be a boring business card and make it look very nice.

More QR Code Designs

Also see 40 QR code business card designs for more ideas.

Tell me about more QR code business cards in the comment section below and I will add them to this page.


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  • Ein schnelle Reaktion (QR)-Code ist ein zwei dimensionales Code, die geprüft und von Handy-Kameras zum Austausch von Daten gelesen werden kann. Die Daten dann auf Inhalt codiert werden können, gehören einen vCard-Kontakt, öffnen eine URL oder deutlich mehr.

  • A couple of months prior, I composed an article on the best way to make a QR code business card easily. Since that time, I have had a couple get some information about how they ought to make their QR code business card look. My reaction has been, it’s your card and the sky is the point of confinement. To help with some outline thoughts, I have sent these individuals to Google to search for some QR code business cards. I have chosen to accomplish something I seldom do on this online journal, and make a post loaded with pictures just. Underneath you will discover 22 awesome illustrations of QR code business cards that I have found on the web. Utilize a QR code peruser for your cell telephone to filter these QR codes and perceive how they function.

  • Fantastic “dash” business cards! The transparence is really eye catcher!

  • Robert

    Is there a standard size for adding qr codes to business cards?

  • Anonymous

    A business card makes as much of an impression as your personal appearance. Adding the QR code makes your card look so much better too. 

  • I personally use qr codes on everything, is working great for my restaurants more than in any of my other ventures… Maybe is because food sells a little bit easier. I really love the business card that has the cut out code, I need to update mine!

  • Nixon

    Has anyone done a response rate study on QR codes that appear on business cards? The only one I can find is a Harvard signage study with a 0.03 response rate.

    •  How does that compare to a URL? Personally, I think if you have the room (and nothing better to use it for) then it can’t hurt. It’s unique, attention-grabbing, and functional.

  • Ian Henderson : Squadra

    Here’s a nice job i did featuring a QR Code for SPE3D who work with racing drivers

  • I have some QR codes that I made up on my business cards, you can post them on here if you like. I played around and made them in color. I took your advice and tested them on many apps! I even made sure that the photos of my business cards on the computer monitors were working.

  • Hi there! Nice examples! What about some origami qrcode business card? http://twitpic.com/5pepqv
    Or you’d like to take a look to our dynamic designed QR codes 🙂

    More soon on our Twitter! @weevo_it

  • qrpeople

    I’ve been very disappointed by most uses of QR Code because quite simply they are don’t look good and aren’t well integrated into the branding or design. A friend heard me complain so much he found this link and sent it to me. Now these are a bit more creative, I hope the info. is more than a phone number, web address or other basic info.


  • Thanks for including my Durden Outdoor design above. i just posted another QR Code business card.


    My expereince with QR Codes has been positive. Even for those not scanning them it does make people ask questions. If you can engage people in conversation you have a much better chance of build relationships and business. Sure as more people use QR Codes and become educated on their function this effect will lessen


  • Diana

    I am deciding whether to put a qr code on my business cards. I don’t go to many conferences, so maybe there is another process I’m not familiar with. It seems that the qr code would make it easier for a client to input my data into his contacts. When people say it’s a gimmick, are they thinking it is just a passing fad and consumers won’t catch on? Or do they not provide much value? When I go to Best Buys they are all over the place and I personally love it.

    • It depends on who you ask, however, I think if you like them it is a great idea to do. It makes it a lot easier to connect with people. It does not cost you much to do as the QR codes are free and the only cost you incur is printing costs, which are no higher than normal printing costs. If it is just a fad, well the way to look at it is that you jumped on while it was a fad and then jumped off once it went away =)

      • Diana

        Hey Chris-A little late, but thanks for your comments. I think you are right and I decided to go ahead. Getting them large enough to be effective takes more real estate on my card then expected-I just have to be more creative.

  • Thanks for all these ideas. We are in the process to design a QRCode business card for our new OpenERP Integration service.

  • This is really interesting, I’ve been seeing more and more QR codes around recently so it seems to be really taking off as a way of communication and of branding.

    I love the cupcake QR code! Thats awesome! It would be a great way of advertising the buisness if the customers don’t eat the QR code first!!!

  • Marc Avery

    The Fringehead cut out worked with my reader ‘i-nigma’. It said ‘Tom’.

  • What are some websites where we can make these awesome, unique QR Code Business Cards?

  • Hi Guys
    Since a while we’re using beermats as business-cards.
    Common business-cards were anyway destroyed until the end of a meeting by playing around with it.

    Instead to print a regular business-card for every Isuntu Member, we made those eye-catching beermats combined with a Mobile-Contact-Page. Scanning the QR-Code will lead you to a special page, where each has its own contact sheet.

    Nice side effect is that the beer mats are used at the workplace (on desk) and the (new) clients are again and again reminded of Isuntu.

    Take a look:

    Mobile-Page: http://m.isuntu.com/

  • Here is a nice card designed and printed by us: http://www.otherdesigns.com/Case-Study-Classic-Cocktails_b_13.html

  • Marco

    Yes some really nice designs. Regarding the size of the QR Codes on the card itself I figured out less size is better. Most ppl. I convince of using a QR code are a bit sceptic at the beginning so they want to start with a small code. A small code isn`t capable of displaying huge date like a complete Vcard so that`s why we created a small project called ucardo. We try to close the gap between small QR Codes and all Information. Also each smartphone response different to online vcards.

    We are currently in a closed beta but because Im depending on every feedback I want to give some beta codes to all readers. I hope you like it.

    Thanks for feedback

  • Sam

    50% of these examples look like the code is so dense, or so small (or both) they will not scan on many devices. Low contrast and “designer” features also reduce the # of devices that can scan them properly.

    Let’s think about the actual function and process of a business card for a moment:

    a) Yes, sometimes it’s to get someone’s phone number and address into your mobile address book

    b) More often than not (maybe from attending too many conferences), it’s a reminder and a URL to visit to determine if there will be follow up business. Most companies want you to go to their primary static site where they have a complete profile. And, end of the day, I go through cards, with laptop nearby (not phone) and prioritize contacts based on their primary web site.

    So, are QR codes on business cards much more than a gimmick? A gimmick that’s now a bit dated? Can we get back to functionality and contextual relevance?

    • Interesting view. As QR code readers become more advanced, they are able to read these designer features better. In one of my articles, I address the size issue of QR codes and stress the importance of test, test and test some more. The key is, if you are designing a custom QR code you need to make sure it still works.

      As for item B, you are correct that many will just follow the URL on the card for more info. QR codes make it quicker to add the contact info to your phone should you choose to do so however there are other apps out there for that now too. With URL shortening services, you can just post a URL to take them to the site you want. It may be gimmicky however I feel it makes your card stand out a little more than the standard card. I have found handing out my business card with a QR code on it works as a great ice breaker. They often will ask me about it allowing me to talk a little about it which then leads into other conversations.

      I don’t believe though that you have to have a QR code on your business card in order to do business, however I think in the long run, it helps if you have the space to fit it on there.

  • We have recently designed transparent QR businesscard for a dutch company in QR code design. Pictures on our portfolio : http://www.geev.nl/visitekaartjes-qr-communiceert

    • Thanks. Great looking card. I have added it to the post.