In Action: Godiva Chocolate Email Marketing

In our recent article, Email Marketing for Small Business, we talked about ways to build your email lists. I mentioned one of the best ways is to offer some kind of incentive to get them to sign up for your list. Today, I found just that while at the mall with my wife and another couple.

We went by Godiva Chocolate and were told about their Rewards Club. All you have to do is provide them your email address and you are given a key chain card that entitles you to some great rewards. These rewards are:

  • FREE piece of chocolate every month
  • FREE gift each month you spend $10 or more
  • FREE standard shipping for one online order
  • EXCLUSIVE online special offer every month

Their flyer states that you will be sent their monthly newsletter with member-only offers and new product announcements.

I wanted to point out this company because they are a perfect example of what I was talking about. They make you feel like a VIP and provide you with a reason to sign up for their list. They take it a step beyond that and give you a reason to stay signed up for their email list, which I find to be an awesome idea. This allows Godiva Chocolate to keep their customers coming back to their online and brick and mortar store.

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