Why Your Small Business Should Have a Blog

Many small businesses as well as large companies are starting to create business blogs. You may be asking yourself if your small business should have a blog. The answer is almost always “yes”.

First and foremost, the blog is to compliment and not replace your business website. A blog will help your business website grow in both viewers and in creditability.

One of the main reasons to create a blog is to show that you as a small business owner knows your industry and your product. It shows that you also have passion for your business. Blogs are more personal as many are written in first person. When your customers see you blogging about your industry, they realize that you are the real thing. This gives you one up on your competition showing that you are ahead of the curve and a true authority in your industry.

Another great reason for a blog is it allows you help promote your product. You can share new ideas and new ways for customers to use your product. You can also share valuable information and inform your potential customers of why they need to purchase your product or service. This is also a great spot to talk about recent events or news that involves your industry and how your product or service relates to these type of events. If you company receives an award or recognition, this is the perfect place to boast about your accomplishment.

The last reason I want to cover is the fact that a blog is pure content. If you read some of my articles in the Search Engine Optimization category, you will see that content and keywords are king. A blog allows you to create a massive amount of keyword rich content that will help bring some of those specific and detailed search results to your blog. From here, they will see your passion and knowledge for your business and navigate into your sales page. The more you blog, the more search results you can pull in, and hopefully the more sales you can make.

Creating a blog is simpler than you think. There is a lot of different websites that allow you to blog as well as free software that allows for it. The software I use for this site is WordPress. WordPress is easy to install on your server, or can have a free hosted blog from WordPress’s company website. Many webhosts have the ability now through your control panel to do a one click install. Once you have installed the software on your server, it is as easy as picking out a template from MANY free ones, organizing a few items in the simple to use WordPress control panel and publishing your first post. WordPress also allows for you to blog straight from your iPhone, Android or Blackberry device, making it easy to add postings on the go.

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