A Review of TweetingMachine, The Ultimate Twitter Tool

I was privileged to be asked to review TweetingMachine.com, dubbed as “the ultimate twitter tool”. I have been using this tool now for about 3 weeks and would like to share my opinions with you.

What is TweetingMachine?

TweetingMachine is a web based interface that has many twitter tools that are easy to use. Here are some of those tools:

Automatic Follow your Followers on Twitter

TweetingMachine has a simple tool that allows you to follow anyone that follows you on twitter. This is a tool that I have been using, as I like to follow back all my followers. You can also chose to automatically send a welcome message to your new followers.

Unfollow your non-followers on Twitter

TweetingMachine offers a great and simple way to unfollow all those that do not follow you on Twitter. This tool will list out all your nonfollowers along with their avatar, number of followers and number of tweeps that they follow. You can then click on the green “Unfollow” button to easily unfollow them right on the page. Read my article on tools to unfollow Twitter nonfollowers for more tools to use.

Schedule Tweets

TweetingMachine allows you to schedule tweets to be posted to your twitter account at a later date. It is simple to use and works great. Just select which accounts you would like for it to be published to, the date, the time and the message. Your message will then be posted at the time you selected.

You can also upload your tweets in bulk using a CSV file. This is great if you have used a diffrent tool to create your twitter messages or if you have a database of messages you were wishing to send.

Twitter Statistics Chart

TweetingMachine updates your statistics on each of your accounts automatically 4 times a day. You can then see your friends, followers and tweets. Use these statistics to analyze the relation between your tweets and followers.

Tweet Feeds for Twitter

This is one of my favorite tools offered by TweetingMachine. This feature does exactly as it sounds. It allows you to add in RSS feeds to be published to your twitter account. TweetingMachine will automatically shorten links that need to be shortened.

One really cool feature is being able to put a prefix and suffix onto your RSS tweet. For example, some of the blogs I follow every day are added into my RSS feed on TweetingMachine with the prefix of RT @Username in front of them. This allows me to retweet their post right after they post it.

Other TweetingMachine Tools

I have not used these other two tools, so I can not tell you how they work. Here is what they are and the description provided by TweetingMachine.

  • Tweet Queues – Enter multiple tweets, select when to start tweeting, and the interval between tweets. Your tweets will be tweeted across your selected Twitter accounts with the selected interval between them.
  • Automatically Reply to DMs – Direct Messages (DMs) can be entered for each Twitter account you have set up. When a Twitter user sends a direct message to you, they will receive the reply you save.

TweetingMachine Price

The price of TweetingMachine is great. At only $8.95 per year, you can not beat it. Most other services charge a monthly fee however with TweetingMachine you pay once for a full year.

Update 4/13: The price of TweetingMachine is not so great anymore. The price is $19.95 per month which for its features, it is not worth paying. At the time of writing this article, the price was $8.95 per year which was a worthwhile price to pay. Sometimes, greed takes down the best tools out there.

TweetingMachine Free Trial – TweetingMachine offers a free 14-day trial of their services. It seems that this is a full trial and does not limit you on features.

My Opinion on TweetingMachine

I must say, I am very impressed with TweetingMachine. With their clean interface, fast loading site, plethora of tools and awesome price, I would highly recommend this product to anyone that may need even one of these tools.

Update 4/13: I originally was very impressed with TweetingMachine. TweetingMachine has a clean interface, fast loading site and a plethera of tools. The price being what it is now, I can not continue to highly recommend this tool. If money is not an issue with you, then by all means enjoy the tool. For the rest of us that have to watch our bottom line, It is not wroth it anymore. The price went from 9 bucks a year to about 240 bucks a year. Way to a large of an increase for my liking.

Your Opinions?

Please post below in the comment section what your thoughts on TweetingMachine are.

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  • tweetadder is also a good tool for this. a little intimidating at first but quite useful. you have to pay though, as i think you have to pay now for socialoomph. but they let you download a trial version that actually lets you set up autoresponses for new follwers, which is great!

  • Yeah, it seems expensive. Auto-follow is cool… However, I prefer to manually follow Tweeters & send a personalized welcome mesage!

    A decent TOOL that I use (free & paid): http://tweepi.com

  • This product is now being advertised as costing $19.99 per month. If this figure is accurate (you mention $8.95 per year in your review) would you still recommend it?

    • Very interesting news. I would say it is not worth 20 bucks a month. There are very few tools for Twitter that are worth that much money. That is over 240 bucks a year. I would say it is worth up to maybe 30 maybe 40 bucks a year at most.

  • After reading your post, I checked out tweetingmachine and I have to say I found very useful two of it’s features. The first feature that is really helpful by saving me a lot of time is the autofollow feature, as I have more then 50 followers. The second feature that I think is pretty cool is the automatic messaging to the new followers, now that saves you a lot of time and it’s never late (maybe you’re sleeping when someone clicks to follow you and you missed the red hot moment).

    • Yes, TweetingMachine is my new favorite tool. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now with no issues. I love the autofollow back feature and I really love the scheduling of tweets plus the bulk upload of scheduling of tweets. The clean interface is appealing to me as well which you find a lot of tools do not have.