QR Codes on Gas Pumps In Texas

Yes, you read it right. Despite the long lasting rule of no cell phone at the pumps, Texas has started a new pilot program where all H-E-B fuel stations will have QR code stickers on the pumps. These QR code stickers can be scanned with any qr code reader to check pump history and file complaints. The Texas Department of Agriculture says these stickers will replace the current out dated stickers. These new QR code stickers on the gas pumps will direct mobile users to a mobile friendly website allowing for patrons to report gas stations that are cheating their customers. Gas stations caught will face a $250 fine for inaccurate gas pumps, up from a $100 fine.

The new sticker will looks like this:

This move by the TDA is a great step forward in Government finally starting to adopt the use of QR codes. Currently, only H-E-B stations in Houston and Dallas are being required to to post these stickers, however upon a successful pilot program, all gas stations state wide will be required to post these stickers.

I just hope they have removed the stickers that state no cellphones should be used while at the gas pump as that would defeat the purpose of these QR code stickers.

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  • Kimmy_2004

    Uh, then what are the other stickers on the gas pumps that urge people to not use their cellphones while near the gas pumps??? DUH!