How To Get A QR Code For Your Business

Since starting this blog, I have had many contact me asking me how to get a QR code for their business. In this article, I will help guide you in the right direction to create a QR code for your business with ease. This article will provide you links to other articles that should help lead you in the right direction.

What Are You Wanting To Promote?

First, decide what you are looking to promote. QR codes are a great way to take someone from print in an advertisement, sign, business card or any other “real world” item and bring it into the “digital world” via their mobile device. Here are some ideas:

How To Make Your QR Code

Now that you have an idea of what your are looking to promote with your QR code, it is time to create your QR code. Check out this list of QR code generators that you can use to create your QR code. From that list, pick your favorite QR code generator and insert the information you are looking to promote.

If you are wanting to create a QR code mobile landing page, you can either create one your self or use a free tool such as QRMobilize to create one for you.

Publish/Print Your QR Code

Proper Sizing

There is no set in stone size for your QR code to be. The key is, you want it to be readable from whatever distance your customer will be scanning it from. In my article, How Big Shold I Make My QR Code, I talk about the best way to determine the proper size for your QR code.

QR code Design

Make your QR code stand out. This can be through creating a custom design for your QR code or by designing around your QR code. For creating a custom design for your QR code, I recommend the guys over at QRlicious who create some great designs and do not charge an arm, leg and your first born to do it.

The other key factor to include in any QR code design is some instructions. Be sure to put a message or graphic instructing others to scan the QR code with their mobile phone. This will help your customers understand what this crazy looking symbol really is.

Here are 22 great examples of QR code business cards and here are some examples of how others have used QR codes around the world.

Test and Test Again

Be sure to test your QR code with several different QR code readers to make sure it works. In the testing, you want to not only make sure your QR code is scan-able but that it actually opens up the proper landing page, video, SMS info, contact info, etc. You don’t want to get stuck with 2,500 printed copies that have a bad QR code on them.

Send To Print

Send your promotional material with your QR codes to print. Since there is nothing special that needs to be done, you can send your design to the print company of your choosing. At 708 Media, I use UPrinting as their price normally comes out the lowest for a variety of different products. You can also print the items off your business printer should you choose to make just a few copies.

Other Ideas

I am going to use this space to list out some ideas of ways to use your QR codes for different industries. Some will be linked to articles that will give you more details.

Please post below in the comments section other ideas you have for using QR codes for your business. I would love to hear how you are using QR codes in your company.

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  • Misvic

    I have created a QR code but don’t know how to get it off the net and onto my porduct packaging.  I tried saving and opening in Corel Draw so I could add it to the advertising material but it wouldn’t work. 
    A tip on how to do this would be great.  Thanks

  • Thanks for mentioning in this article as well Chris! If anyone has questions feel free to email me at freeman at qrlicious dot com! Thanks!