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Below you will find some of our best articles on QR codes. On this page, you will find links to QR code tools, QR code information and QR code usage and ideas. Please enjoy our QR code articles and information.

QR Code Tools

Below you will find articles and reviews on different tools for QR codes. Although these may not be the most comprehensive lists, I do continue to update them on a weekly basis to try and keep them up to date.

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The articles listed here provide information, tips and how-to’s for using QR codes. Reading these articles will help you and your business further your use of QR codes and use QR codes more effectively.

QR Code Usage, Ideas and Examples

From time to time, ideas on how to use QR codes hit me while I am out and about. I will often jot these ideas down and once I have enough ideas, I will put them into an article for everyone to enjoy. Also, I will from time to time post examples of QR code usage.

  • QR Codes

    Design QR codes work great these days.

  • Saw there’s a great book on how to create QR Code campaigns called Broadcasting on Paper which has quite a few good pointers and resources to make your QR codes engaging.

  • Idea: add QR code in a “Contact” page of a business web site.
    What do you think?