Hello Friend TV Advertisements, Billboards and Radio Commercials

New Update Confirms Hello Friend is Bright House Networks

Thanks everyone. One of this visitors to this site left a comment below stating they have found a website, hellofriends.com. This is part of the Hello Friend advertisements and is registered to Bright House Networks. Here are the whois search results:

      Bright House Networks, LLC
      Bright House Networks LLC
      5000 Campuswood Drive
      E. Syracuse, NY 13057
      Email: hostmaster@mybrighthouse.com

   Registrar Name....: CORPORATE DOMAINS, INC.
   Registrar Whois...: whois.corporatedomains.com
   Registrar Homepage: www.cscprotectsbrands.com 

   Domain Name: hellofriends.com

      Created on..............: Thu, Feb 21, 2002
      Expires on..............: Sun, Feb 21, 2016
      Record last updated on..: Fri, Feb 03, 2012

   Administrative,Technical Contact:
      Bright House Networks, LLC
      Bright House Networks LLC
      2201 Lucien Way
      Maitland, FL 32751
      Phone: +1.4072155772
      Email: hostmaster@mybrighthouse.com

   DNS Servers:


Previous Update: My Research Says Hello Friend is Bright House Networks

The Hello Friend Ads are from Bright House Networks based off my research. After posting this article, my blog received a large number of visitors from search engines. Using our website analytics, I was able to break down the traffic by state and city. I found that most of my traffic was coming from a few specific areas and was not nationwide. Most of the traffic was from the Central Florida area. The other highest traffic were from Detriot, Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana; Bakersfield, California and Atlanta, Georgia. If you compare the those locations to the areas that Bright House serves, you will see that those are almost all of their locations. The only outlier is the Hello Friend ads in Atlanta, Georgia. My guess is that Bright House may be moving into that territory in the near future.

Original Article

You have seen it on a billboard, you have heard them on the radio and you have seen them on TV. What are these “Hello Friend” advertisements all about? Well, I am the kind of friend that will try to tell you what these ads are, even if I do not actually know for sure. But I am the type of friend that will show you the different theories around the web on these, just because, well that is the kind of friend I am. Hello Friend.

The Hello Friend TV Ads

I have looked around YouTube and came across a two “Hello Friend” TV commercials. Here they are below:

These commercials do not lead on to what the “Hello Friend” ad campaign is all about. There are several other “Hello Friend” TV advertisements being shown as well all very similar to this one.

In the Orlando area, I have found many of these ads to be on during local programming, such as the news. This would normally lead me to believe that this is not a national campaign but a local one. There have been a few reports of other locations seeing these same ads.

Hello Friend Billboards and Radio Commercials

Hello Friend Billboards

I first saw these ads on TV, however, just a few days later I started to notice billboards that said “Hello Friend” and even a billboard that stated “We would give you dibs on the last slice of pizza” written in white on a blue background with the yellow Hello Friend swoosh under it.

I will work on taking some photos of the known billboards this week and post them on this article.

Hello Friend Radio Commercials

These are similar to the TV advertisements. In these, they explain an awkward situation then state that they are the kind of friend that will help you or that will be there for you. The commercials end with that iconic male voice saying, “Hello Friend”.

The Theories of the Hello Friend Ad Campaign

There are may theories running wild on the web about these advertisements. My theory is that these advertisements are lead/teaser ads for a product or service that will be launched in the near future. With the Superbowl only a few weeks away, it is possible that these ads are leading the way for the announcement of this product or service. Superbowl ads are some of the most watch tv ads all year. This would be the best time to reveal what Hello Friend is all about.

The Bright House Networks Hello Friend Theory (Most Likely Confirmed)

This is an interesting theory that is by far the most popular one out there. Many have come to believe that these ads are for Bright House Networks or a Bright House Networks service based on the colors. One person even stated that he called Bright House Networks asking about the Hello Friend ads and the Brighthouse marketing department confirmed it. If the idea is to keep everyone talking, no marketing department would confirm or own up to these ads. You also have a few people that state on Yahoo Answers that they work for Bright House Networks and they state it is true. I mean, really, I believe everyone on the internet is who they say they are, don’t you?

The colors alone are not enough proof to go off for me. I have done my own research and based of the locations that these Hello Friend ads are being shown tell me that this is most likely true. See my update at the top of this page.

The Mormon Church Hello Friend Theory

A few theories were running around that it was the Mormon church stirring up some buzz. Again, no proof to this.

Amazon, Vonage, Florida Tourism even Aliens!

So the swoosh reminds some of the Amazon smile logo. The colors remind some of the Vonage logo along with the words being the first thing you may say in a telephone call, “Hello, friend”. The inviting nature of the ads lead some to even believe that these Hello Friend ads are for Florida tourism.

No True Facts

We can all guess at what we think Hello Friend really means, but the truth is, only a few know and they will not be talking. The rest of us, well were left talking about this until it is revealed to us.

Where Is Hello Friend Being Advertised?

Part of this mystery is trying to find out where people have been spotting these Hello Friend advertisements. Although not scientific, I can tell you where traffic to this page is coming from. My assumption is that most that visit this page are seeing these Hello Friend ads and asking what they are. That is what brought you to this page, correct?

As of the 11:30 AM EST on January 29th, 74.65% of the visitors to this page are from Florida. That is followed by 5.53% from Michigan, 4.61% in Georgia and 3.23% in California. This data shows that most of the people that are seeing these ads are most likely in Florida.

Please let us know in the comments below where you are seeing the Hello Friend ads. There have been rumors that the Hello Friend ads are being shown in California as well.

Other Hello Friend Sources

Here are other places that are talking about the Hello Friend advertisements:

Hellofriend commercials?
so i always see these commercials that say nothing but a short video of something then it has the words “hellofriend”. what is the commercial of? i tried to look it up but nothing came up!

See Yahoo Question 

What the heck are all these “Hello Friend” ads FOR?I live in central Florida and lately there have been these short TV ad spots having some random person (a little girl hanging upside down on monkey bars, a guy making pizza) saying “hello friend”. Then the screen turns blue and there’s a logo that simply says “hellofriend” in white text with some kind of tiny swoosh mark under it.

I tried Googling and came up with pretty much zilch. I’d check Wikipedia, but, ha, SOPA/PIPA protest, so, that’s out (not to mention, the cached snippets that turned up in the Google search didn’t look promising anyway).

See Yahoo Question 

What is the commercial “Hello.Friend” about?
It doesn’t specify anywhere on the commercial what it’s about, and has an eerie whistleing at the end of the commercial. Anybody know? Coudn’t find anything online about it at all.

See Yahoo Question 

Why Would Someone Spend Money To Not Advertise A Product

This is a big question I have seen floating around. There is no doubt that this Hello Friend commercial, the Hello Friend billboards and the Hello Friend radio commercials are costing someone a fortune to run. Many are wondering why a company would send this type of money and not let you know what the ad is.

Well, the answer is simple. You took notice of this ad. I know you took notice because you have came to my website most likely through a search engine. You either saw a Hello Friend commercial on TV, heard a Hello Friend radio ad or you drove by a Hello Friend billboard on your way to work this morning. Think of all the advertising you have seen today. Will you be talking about it at work? Are you Googling those advertisements? Are you wanting to know more about those products? My guess is no.

The Hello Friend ad campaign is a great form of marketing. By flooding the market with ads that leave you guessing, many are paying closer attention, trying to figure out this product or service. Once Hello Friend does their big reveal, you will pay attention to that product or service.

Take a look at the iPhone 5. Do you notice Apple never reveals much information about product until it just about ready to go on sale? They do this to build the hype. Everyone wants to know what it is so they start searching the internet high and low. Hello Friend has done just that. This will be an ad campaign that you will be talking to your friends and co-workers about until a few weeks after the big Hello Friend reveal.

To the marketing team or ad agency that came up with this Hello Friend campaign, Congratulations. You built product awareness perfectly. I just hope your product or service is worth all the hype.

Help Us Figure This Out!

In the comments section below, share your theories of what you think these Hello Friend advertisements are all about.

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  • Gui

    I hate these commercials! We are not friends! I pay you for a service and last time I checked I don’t pay my friends for services. I’m your customer, and goodness I wish you didnt monopolize the market or I’d switch just because of these ads. Additionally good old “friend” I just got a letter telling me my service is going up 10 more dollars a month. Gee thanks old buddy, I already felt ripped off.

    Absolutely loathe this… Oh and saw the ad where “friends dont charge extra for HD” if you did I’d cancel you- pal.

  • Pdrraphael

    This is one of the worst advertising campaigns ever. This totally hypocrite campaign, this is the kind of campaign when the company knows how much they are fooling theirs clients and they have no choice but to try to change that impression. Whoever took the decision about this idea should be fired.   

  • Drive me nuts

    These ads are scary and are driving me nuts! This includes the “Get up and Go” ad..  Stop IT !!!!!!!!!!

  • Longislandmna

    So are we friends or customers?  There is a difference because as customers we pay for a service which will discontinue if the bill is not paid.  Will BHN come to visit me in the hospital when I’m sick?  Will they loan me money when I’m in a bind?  Will they stick their necks out.  No…because w are not friends.  We are parties to an arm’s length agreement.  I really dislike the use or better yet, mis-use of  the phrase they use “…because that’s the kind of friends we are…”

  • Miss Consumer 2 U

    Hello Friend?? I recently had a Bright House Technician come to my house for a 2-4 appointment. The tech was very nice, called and apologized for running late. The tech shows up at 6:15pm. I asked why he was running so late? He explained that he was a overbooked and was doing the best he could to get caught up. Again, the technician was very polite even though I was throwing a bit of a temper tantrum.  I was talking to a friend at work a couple days later, telling her of the incident and how I felt bad for taking it out on the poor gentleman that came to my house. My friend was telling me that Bright House is well known for over booking the technicians and making them run late. She also said she will make an appointment in the morning and plan on staying home all day waiting. I guess what I am getting at is, what kind of friend makes tells their friends that they will be somewhere at a certain time and shows up 2 or 3 hours late? What kind of friend would overbook their employees forcing them to deal with angry customers? If this is what Bright House calls “Friends”, then I’ll pass. I have enemies that trest me better

    • Djsmema1

      Bright House wants you to be thier frien not thier customer..however wait till you get your bill there is a notice in it letting you know that they are raising thier rates opn some of thier services..HELLO FRIEND!!!!

  • ChipDude

    Is that it?  This whole monthly charade was just for BHN to trumpet its own horn about how great a company it is because of how it SAYS it treats its customers…lame… NO new product?  NO new service?…just self indulgent aggrandizing???  I want a credit to my bill for wasted airtime I paid for???

  • Longislandmba

    What a short sighted ad campaign that stirred alot of buzz which was more anti-climatic than post-coitus,  I feel no more enriched, informed, or persuaded than I was before the campaign.  Good thing Bright House Networks owned the airtime it spent.  Good going guys and ladies at BHN.  This reminds me of the flopped campaign by Infinity when it teased the public with never unveiling its product, by having a sheet that never quite blew off to reveal the car.  It was the second most insipid thing I have ever seen in marketing next to the BHN “Hello Friend”.  The outcome was that Lexus actually DID reveal itself and its product, and…well the rest is history…

  • Leah

    I have been seeing me the commercials also, and the other night I went to the grocery store, Winn Dixie, in Millbrook Alabama. I walked in and this girl handed me a VISA card with $5the and said it was prepaid by someone, with a card saying Hello Friend. Same as the commercial. I believe it is a RAK sort of thing. (Random Act of Kindness)

  • Calre

    I called Bright House, and a person in the customer service department confirmed that it is indeed, their ad.  I did not learn anything more about it than that, however.

  • Astarte38

    In central florida its on channel 1360; it’s brighthouse networks. They wonder what if we saw friends instead of customers? There you go!

  • Calre

    I have brighthouse cable in Alabama, and see the hellofriends ads.  Now that someone suggested it is a BH promotion, I’m just going to ask them.

  • Jo Vein

    its bright house they have a video that explains it on their update channels on the cable. still what they said would answer it was for me a cryptic mess that never really says that much lol nice work bright house 

  • Kparker3

    I thought it was a new “social network” advertisment.  Had good discussions with my son on what it could be about.  I just told him I notice a brighthouse truck in the commerical I saw this morning.  So lo and behold, I finally decided to google and sure enough—several theories are confirming it is indeed Brighthouse up to some type of new marketing program

  • Bright House Employee

    Hello Friend is Bright House Networks! Today 2/20/12 It will all be reveled, BUT it is not just another ad campaign. It is about the relationship we have with our customers, Its about taking some of the great things we already do and making them better, Its about what it means to be a services provider by asking a simple question; “If we saw friends instead of customers, Wouldnt that change everything?!

  • Tom

    was parking a public pay lot today at Clearwater Beach. Standing in a line at the kiosk to pay, a young woman approached us wearing a blue t-shirt with came up and said she was paying for two hours of everyone’s parking. She was carrying a credit card with her. I asked who she represented, and she declined to say. If

    Brighthouse is behind this, and it sounds as though it is, then it makes sense they are targeting a market of potential consumers. However, I would appreciate them more if they were paying for all the meals at a homeless shelter for one day, instead of parking for beachgoers. Just my thoughts. 

  • Searl727

    We were the recipients of free two-hour parking courtesy of the Hello Friend campaign.  Remember Bill Cosby started a foundation “Hello Friend” in honor of his son, Ennis?  Maybe this is another gentle reminder of the basic goodness of Ennis.  

  • Jansnotes

    I absolutely HATE these commercials.  They creep me out.  I change the channel every time one comes on.

  • whoswho

    If you look at the “smiley” under the words “hellofriend,” the smile encompasses the letters “ofr.” I Googled those letters, but came up empty handed. I think the letters could be initials for an up coming product or service, whether it’s Bright House or some other company. I have been pondering this theory for quite sometime and my brain keeps saying, “Does not compute, does not compute, duussss naaww commmmmpppuuuuu…….” lol

  • Old Fisherman

    Yep, It is Brighthouse. I did one of the commercials for them. I played the part of a old fisherman in a row boat calling out to the beach saying “Hello Friend”. What is it is all about I have no clue. They did not say anything other than it was for BrightHouse and would be playing in all their major areas. My part has shown once in St Petersburg FL area a couple of weeks ago. That is all I know right now. I have been trying to find it on the Internet so I can get a copy of it. 

  • Bebeboi24

    Its Brighthouse Networks they are going to reveal something amazing for there customers soon.  They got everyone talking tho so its working. 

  • Cindy

    I am in Orlando and see the commercials every day. What annoys me is the little tune that is played- I can’t get it out of my head! Does anyone know if what that tune is? 

  • Sandi

    I love the ads; they put a smile on my face. Unbelievable that people are so critical of something they know so little about; what cynical grouches you are. Hello Friend; brilliant!

  • Daniel Kremer

    I’m in Birmingham as well.  I fxxxing hate these ads.   So obnoxious.  But like the rest of you reading this….. I had to know.  Kinda dissapointing isn’t it???????

  • Cathy Shipley

    A team of hello friend young ladies showed up this morning at the Winter Springs Senior Center and said they were doing random acts of kindness….they gave each one of us $10.00 gift cards…to Walgreens or CVS…they gave us a Hello Friend card with the logo on it with the card…Very Nice surprise for us seniors…Thank you to Hello Friend

  • Iamkittybrown

    I like them as they are positive reinforcement for me to be a friend today. Saw them in Orlando. What ever they end up selling the world will be better if we act act a friend who is there when needed.

  • Zach2992

    It’s certainly not selling their product.  If it’s making me frustrated wondering, then why am I going to give into them?

    • Bright House Employee

      Its has nothing to do with selling anything, It all goes back to the simple fact that we are all people. No matter how big or small a company is they should be there and treat everyone the way they want to be treated. It is the companys way of showing we care, Just be kind to others and treat others as you wish to be treated… be a friend!

  • Hikingviking

    I’m from Bakersfield, Ca and we are inundated with the ads. Bright House makes sense based on your research.

  • 2hot4you

    Dogs bark everytime something makes a wistling noise. the commercial wistles a lot.

    • Chris

      Dog is man’s best FRIEND

  • kussen

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the hello friends commercial is sponsored by a Church organization.  I think these ads speak to the loneliness and isolation people are feeling in the fall out of our economic collapse.  I know they make me feel happier as a result of seeing the ads.

    • Goodbye Friend

      I seriously doubt this. I also doubt that it has anything to do with the charity for Bill Cosby’s son that someone else mentioned.  What church or charity would have millions of dollars to waste on ads that don’t really tell you what they’re about? Non-profits have to get to the point much quicker.


    As soon as I find out who is advertising, I will make it my mission to TOTALLY AVOID THEM.

  • Moira Dean

    Years ago (1950’s) a billboard campaign in England ran “White rain is coming, it’s sweeping America now.”  No-one knew what white rain was – no computers in those days, so it was widely talked about and after about three months the billboards changed to a White Rain Shampoo advertisement – it was very clever (I’ve remembered it for over 60 years).  Maybe this is something like that it’s certainly got the attention of people.

  • Psage

    Yeah, it does seem to be Bright House. I did a search on the ads and came to this site, because the ads are creeping me out. As if the ads weren’t irritating enough without it, that whistle scares the crap out of me. I live in the Montgomery, AL area. Charter is the cable company serving the city of Montgomery, but Bright House serves the burbs. I’m getting bombarded by these ads on Bright House, but my coworkers on Charter or Dish don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • All I can say as if this is Bright House Networks there little gimmick won’t make me like them any better and I have told them as much. There service just sucks and they don’t give a shit because they just convince a complex to lock out their competitors. I guess Bright House is applying for that “slightly off friend” that everyone has had in their lives at one time or another and just tolerate.

  • Info

    We live in Florida and see the commercials at least 10x a day. Am curious the purpose of the ads.

  • BB


    • igor melnichenko


  • Kittyblanford

    The SuperBowl is over and we are still seeing them here in Indiana. I understand that these ads are most likely some kind of a teaser bit they are starting to get annoying. I wish they would launch whatever out is

  • I hope its Bright House and I hope they are getting ready to have a new offering and a huge discount to current Verizon FiOs customers that switch to Bright House. I am so tired of having no real choices in cable and internet. And Verizon is more than happy to screw their existing long term customers with higher prices while offering discounts to new customers. It just makes me want to scream.

  • Jameslee

    brighthuse Networks will be launch new service and equipment in March. For all you bright house Network customers looking for something new to add to their service. Its just around the corner.

  • Zeebo

    I am visiting central Florida and called my husband at home in Michigan and asked if he had seen these silly ads and he said no. We live near Ann Arbor. 

  • Eileen

    The Ad is kind of cool…!!
    what make me curious is, why is always a lonely person?
    is one of the longest expectations advertisements I’ve seen 

  • Lynn

    Yes, we too have Bright House cable service and are seeing the ads frequently. They are running morning, noon and night.  We live in Novi, MI which is west of Detroit about 25 miles.

  • Thermoid

    i have seen them in tampa FL on tv,billboard but not on the radio

  • guest

    No idea what the ads are for but I see many each day and I live in Manatee county, FL.  Brighthouse is my cable company.  We all talk about it at work so they have our attention.

  • Kerrimc1030

    I am in the Tampa Bay FL market and I have seen the 2 TV spots

  • Joannewoods1100

    Bright house usd this same marketing tactic when they introduced “Bright House”. They flooded the airwaves with ” Do you live in a bright house?” This was when Time Warner was their name, so no one knew what a “Bright House” was. I think this IS a Bright House ad too!

    • Cozmik

      You’re right!  I remember that.  Betcha it is from them. Maybe Comcast is buying them or they are merging.  I just know I don’t like the ads, so don’t really care what they’re for.  Just want them to stop.

      • Bright House Employee

        Its a lot more than just a campaign & it has nothing to do with a merge… Its meaning is to show we (Bright House) are here, we are local, we are your neighbors, the commercials may have been over run, but there is so much nore behind it… as of today 2/20/12. it will be revaled that it is Bright House.. “Hello Friend” is just a way of us trying to give back to the community & show that we are not some high & mighty who doesnt care, Its not just an add campaign… In addition, to the commercials, we promised to create a friendlier atmosphere across the areas we live and work.  Over the past couple of months and into next weeks, we have conducted the following acts of friendship:
        ·         Paid for parking meters
        ·         Paid the entrance fees for high school basketball games
        ·         Handed out water bottles on running trails
        ·         Visited children’s hospitals with a face painter
        ·         Visited senior citizen centers and passed out $10 gift cards to Walgreens/CVS
        ·         Handed out grocery store gift cards at the store entrance
        ·         Paid for coffee at coffee shops
        ·         Paid for entrance to a zoo and science museum….

        Any one who was offended by the commercials is missing the simple point, it’s all about the simple question.. It we saw friends instead of customers, wouldnt that change everything?

        • Calre

          I have Bright House in Alabama, and really like the Company.  My service is excellent, and tech support is 24/7; We had Time Warner before, and saw the “Do you live in a Bright House?” ads.  Then one day I went in to pay my bill, and the TW sign had changed to Bright House.  The employee said the franchise owner had decided he could do better for himself with BH.  Actually, nothing changed but the name.  Identical service with TV and internet as before.

        • Miss Consumer 2 U

          Then be honest with me and tell me that you can not have a technician at my house between 2 and 4. Tell me that you are booked and let me know when you CAN be at my house!! Doesn’t friendship and honesty go hand in hand? I hate that I wasted my entire day, because you don’t know how to book your technicians properly. I would rather you were honest and I had to wait for the next time-frame or even the next day.

          It’s great that you are raising our bills and giving away coffee, but you need to start acting the part you are trying to portray rather than loading my tv with stupid commercials and hype

  • Goodbye Friend

    I disagree with the comparison to the iPhone or other familiar products.  Sure, Apple likes to keep new ideas and features close to the vest before they launch, but I think most people have a fairly good idea of what an iPhone is.  Contrast that with the “HF” nonsense we keep seeing. There’s no indication of what type of product or service this is, how it will add value to our lives, when we will see it, or when they plan to tell us. Like other writers, I’m beginning to associate these ads with annoyance and negative feelings rather than anxious anticipation for something new. Perhaps if a few of us notified some of the stations or networks about these feelings and our growing tendency to grab the remote and change channels, they might hasten to reveal what it’s all about, or at least stop running these monotonous ads.

  • Twentythreesolved

    I am in Brandon Florida and these are brighthouse networks. I can tell because on the TV commercials ( actually on the TV not you tube)..just before the hello friend logo appears if you look carefully you can see the yellow circles from brighthouse’s logo. 🙂

  • Sandra

    If this is Bright House then I can say that I am NOT interested. I am not happy with the Bright House service in my area and there is no way I want anything else that they might have to offer.
    I really hate how the cable companies have little community monopolies already and you do not have a choice when it comes to your cable service supplier.

    • Frenchie

      Blame your local government for that.  Cable companies are granted lisences by the cities and communities they serve.  They pay big into the city budgets for the exclusive rights.

  • Guest

    I haven’t seen the commercials but was out running in Tampa and saw groups of people stationed wearing shirts with the logo on it. They were giving out free ice cold water to runners an bikers. They told me it was an organization for random acts of kindness! Was curious so I googled and found this!

  • Jptaylor45

    I live in Dunedin FL, near Clearwater (Tampa Area). I have Knoplogy cable and I see the ads all the time. I have been in advertising a long time and I really doubt it is Brighthouse since it is on my cable and on Clearchannel billboards

  • Eddie Rio

    Sad that so many seem so put off by such a simple statement.  I hope{but doubt} it’s not another marketing ploy and is in fact a heartfelt tip of the hat to the Golden Rule by a one percenter with a heart. Dare I dream?

    • Tammy

      I’m with you!  Carry on Dreamer!  🙂

  • Cillyak

    I live in Clearwater, Florida, and am wondering if these commercials are connected to Scientology? Who knows, but Google search only gives this site as anything reliable. I saw the ad with the two women and the ugly haircut just moments ago…then “Hellofriend.” Thanks for this space.

  • Jkaaf

    Here in Bakersfield, Ca we see them all the stinking time.  It’s becoming a bother.

  • Marie

    It’s scary…  socialist or communist ..like conrad; they are in our lives and in our homes..have you noticed lately emergency broadcast are more frequent. Big Brother is watching!!!

  • Caballoblanco754

    iam in pinellas county and see it on almost every other commercial, started to research and nothing…:/

  • ApogeeEng

    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cosby started a foundation, The Ennis Cosby Hello Friend Foundation, to help learning disadvantaged students. This was maybe 5 years ago. I can’t imagine they are responsible for the ads but it seems there is a copyright violation at least.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Polk County, FL, and these commercials are, as stated, on most of the local channels; I think we’ve seen every one of them, and they’re all annoying. Between the ladies with the haircut, the allergic to cats, the girl on the jungle gym, and the high school band, it’s very frustrating. You see this commercials with NO point whatsoever, and they just play over and over again. Either unveil the “surprise” or stop them, please!

  • guest

    I live in Clearwater, Fl. (Tampa) and I have Brighthouse cable. I see the TV commercials frequently and I believe I’ve seen a billboard too. I’ve seen about 3 different ones. I’ve been curious as to what the meaning is behind them. Whatever the case, the marketing is working since we are on here asking about it. I think that this could possibly be Scientologists that are behind this. It would make sense since they are so secretive and very big in Florida, especially in Pinellas County. They are also big in CA. It might also make sense now that it could be Scientology since there was no mentioning of it on the Superbowl last night. I was thinking that whatever this was about, would be revealed during the game. Great idea, and very effective had that been the case. If you’ve ever seen Scientologists, their quirkiness falls right inline with the “Hello Friend” ads!

    • Frenchie

      i too live in Clearwater, and travel all over the central part of the state.  billboards are everywhere, Ocala, Orlando, Sarasota… you name it.  maybe it IS the Scientologists… good theory.  They’re welcoming the Mother Ship!

  • Rewilkins

    Their ads are obviously working…we’re asking, “Who is it?”

  • simply me

    Maybe it’s just about being friendly to one another.

  • Danilynne84

    Central Florida… I cant stand the commercials and I don’t care if it comes out to be a cure for cancer, I will have nothing to do with it!!!! AHHHH!!! STOP IT

  • Orlando Fl.

  • Jglemie

    Oh yeah University of Michigan fans from outer space,

  • Whybealex

    I don’t know which is more appropriate; to be interested, or appalled.  Is it paranoid to get the feeling that there is some major marketing in motion with the motive to make an entire nation just smart enough to make a little money, but dumb enough to waste it on material or recreational products and services? 

  • Kriptakronacrystalight

    Maybe bright house is going to have its own cell phone company

  • SClaus

    I think it’s about an alien race who are planning to reveal themselves soon. Just a theory. 

    • Tincapped in FL

      I am leaning towards the alien thing. My dog reacts every time this plays. I think they are broadcasting in a range he can understand.

    • Frenchie

      Riley Martin?  “Hello Friend Riley!”

  • Worldcls

    The marketing campaign is genius. How many commercials do you see that you have no idea what they are selling or promoting? Getting over 70% of viewers attention, with no rhyme or reason in the commercial tells you the marketing scheme is working and generating a lot of buzz. There is a buildup of curiosity, google searches and WTF is this commercial about. Even after the Bright House commercial is revealed about new products, the commercial/marketing idea will long be remembered and unique.  Definitely outside of the box thinking. If they were promoting lightening high speed internet, there would be no google searches, no longer watching the commercials hoping the next one is going to be different and actually tell you what “hello friend” is all about.  

    • Dlchappelow

      I work in marketing and this is an old trick, but must say it has been going on for a long time.  This tease campain is way longer then most.  But, the spots are becoming more in freaquency so whatever it is will be announced soon.  But Worldcls, your right on the nose!

  • Gettingthere

    I think they are for facebook and I think it has to do with having everyone move to the new timeline format…

  • Ann

    I think it is bright house and that its gonna be something to do with their launch of this new faster internet they called me about not that long ago.

  • Gantenhammer

    subliminal advertising only works if you think about it latter , don’t act on random impulse and it has no meaning. unless it is all about helping each other. which could be good but could also be intrusive. and more times than not in the US that friendly stranger is 1 a drug dealer, or 2 an armed robber.  “High Friend”  colors are colors, not sponsors unless you think about them as such . it is a war over your minds .  hold .

  • Sarah23940

    It may be mysterious or cryptic, but they’re pretty tame compared to political ads or ads for at least two new TV shows coming up.. And yes, I did look it up online, got referred to an obscure horror movie. Somehow,I don’t thnk that’s what the ads were about, Hope to see if the are bright house or amazon, though..

  • jay

    Bright House is in Bakersfield ,Birmingham,Indiana,and Florida of course.  My wife also says people are asking and I respond it’s Bright House that is doing all this to win back customers and create a buzz of talk throughout so people will be intrigued to talk and watch the commercials.  So lets see what just happens at the super bowl and lets keep talking about Hello Friend.

  • Djlotz

    I am going on a side track, I say it’s AMAZON… Look at the logo, I think they have plans to launch something big.

  • Mela

    will all be revealed during the Super Bowl?

  • Pat

    Bakersfield CA. is where I live and it has been making me and a co-worker searching for what this is all about

  • Blacklist

    Ur so dumb ! It’s not national or local, it’s a bright house networks wide ad. Two main BHN places are Florida and Central Indiana.

    • Blacklist, if you would have actually read the article rather than skim it and look at the pictures, you will see that I already stated that. Here I will put it in quotes for you to make it easier for you to find. Three lines into the article may have been too much for you to read. 

      “I found that most of my traffic was coming from a few specific areas and was not nationwide. Most of the traffic was from the Central Florida area. The other highest traffic were from Detriot, Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana; Bakersfield, California and Atlanta, Georgia. If you compare the those locations to the areas that Bright House serves, you will see that those are almost all of their locations.”

  • Carmella

    We live in the Orlando FL area and I agree with Sandra, At first I was just curious about the commercials. Then I got mildly irritated. Now I am getting so agitated at the commercials and that creepy whistling that goes along with it that when they have the big reveal I might just boycott the company. I will just associate their product with the creepy feeling I get when I see these commercials. It is almost like the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits. I expect something weird to happen every day like to find out that Bright House can spy on us through our DVR. I hope it is not Bright House because we may just have to switch our cable, phone, and internet services to others. It might just backfire on them. Whoever it is, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • Watcher

    Although I have seen many comments that say that this is a classic marketing campaign, in my experience they end up as rememorbal ads for crappy products.
    Metro-PCS ran those stupid Hello-Hello-Hello ads without identifying the product.  They were memorable ads for a third rate phone company.
    I guess we’ll see.

    • Tbowley

      Are the colors of Metro-Pcs and Best Buy

  • Tampa

    There’s an electronic billboard on Dale Mabry in Tampa with ‘hellofriend’ as one of the images.

  • Yelper

    The colors and the theme suggested Wal Mart to me right off the bat.
    The font of the tag line at the end matches, too.
    Here in Orlando FL, we’re seeing the two women with bad haircuts on TV mostly, but there is another one, too.

    Pretty soon the secret will be revealed.

    • True. The colors and all could make it Walmart also. I just find it odd that a majority of searches about Hello Friend are coming from Bright House service areas. I would think that Walmart would do a national campaign. 

      • Anonymous


  • Me

    It’s definitely from Brighthouse. I was at their studio n the hello friend signs were all over the place.

    • If you go to their studio again, grab a photo of this Hello Friend sign with Bright House’s logo on it. Would love to see it. 

  • Dustin Bowersett

    The Gasparilla parade in Tampa, FL had a plane towing a “Hello Friend” banner all afternoon yesterday.

  • Squez420

    Seeing this ad in Tampa, FL

  • Sandra

    The ad is running in the Birmingham, Alabama area. I really hate it. That guy in the pixxa parlor singing hello friend loudly makes me turn channels.
     What ever the product or service may be…that singing guy has rubbed me the wrong way and made me not at all receptive to what ever the company is offering.
    The reason I ended up here on this site is because I was looking to see who was behind that ad so I could write them and tell them that they were irritating more than they were intriguing with that singing guy!!!
    We are sick and tired of the singing guy and are no longer curious, or even interested, in what ever “Hello Friend” happens to be. Wenow  will associate “Hello Friend” with the emotions and feelings with that loud singing guy…and turn off and not listen to anything else related to “Hello Friend”.

    • guest in Fla

      I agree with Sandra completely. We’re in central Florida (east coast side) and get the ads quite a lot. We find the ads quite annoying, especially the whistling at the end.

      Now we just don’t care WHAT they’re for – we just want them to go away.

      • Guest

         I think the cat one is pretty funny!

        • Lithia, FL

          I think the cat one is funny too….we could all use a friend like THAT!

    • MDEAN414

      That Pizza singing guy has to go – I try to go to sleep with my TV on low volume and just as I am dozing off here comes the SCREAMING PIZZA GUY — AAGGGHHH!!

      • Godzilla200000

        that makes me laugh each time i read it

  • Tina

    I’m seeing this add in and around the Daytona Beach area. 

  • goodbyefriend?!? :)

    I’ve been seeing these for a few weeks now near Detroit, MI

    • Interesting. Do you have Brighthouse Networks in your area? 

      • Motown Basset

        Just a guess … but the locations you mention are not only BHN “hubs” … but crucial swings states in an election year. With the recent supreme court blessing of unlimited super PAC contributions, could we be watching a campaign ad?

        God knows we’ve seen stranger things this year re: debates / elections / campaigns.

  • Guest

    Seeing several HelloFriend ads on TV in Clearwater FL