How To Manually Update Sprint Galaxy S3 to Jellybean Without Rooting

Recently, Sprint announced an update to the newest Android version, Jellybean on the Galaxy S3. This update is to roll out in phases over the next moth as an OTA update. The problem is, not everyone is lucky enough to get the update.

I am one of those that was impatient and could not wait any longer. I spent forever looking around trying to find a way to manually update my Sprint Galaxy S3 to Jellybean with the official OTA update from Sprint. I did not want to have to root and load a custom rom, and wanted something quick and easy to do.

Manually Force OTA Jellybean Update on Sprint Galaxy S3

1. First, check to see if the update is available to you. Goto Settings -> System Update -> Update Samsung Software and hit “Check Now” . If no update is available, continue to the next step.

2. Goto Settings -> Application Manager -> (scroll over to all) Google Services Framework then hit “Clear data

3. Now, go back to check and see if an update is available to you. When you enter this screen, it show that you last checked for an update back in 1967. Goto Settings -> System Update -> Update Samsung Software and hit “Check Now” . If no update is available, you will need to repeat step 2.

4. Repeat the above steps until and update is available to you. It can take you 1-2 times or even 20+ times before you luck out and have the update available. For me, it took 3 times, however, I have seen some take up to 19 times.

Let us know in the comments how many tries it took for you to get the Jellybean OTA update for your Sprint Galaxy S3.

Why Is Sprint Forcing Users To Wait For The OTA Update?

This update is roughly 200mb in size. Even when you are downloading it on a WiFi connection, you are putting a load on Sprint’s web servers. To reduce this, they slowly roll the update out to all users.

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  • UnderTheBedMonster

    I am at 4.4.2 on my S3. I cannot connect to wifi. Keep getting the error authentication error occurred and incorrect password. I used the CORRECT password to connect with my Samsung Core Prime and I know the password works just fine. I have a Freedom Pop account. The Core Prime is on Assurance. Does this make any difference? I did have wifi working on this S3 when I had RingPlus about a year ago so I know the wifi works on that S3 but now I can’t connect.

  • red1mon

    It took 4 times … My Wife’s updated earlier today and I really like! Mine is updating now ~~~ Thanks

  • Will

    Very smart I like that trick when I blanked that it send the update immediately Would anyone know how to make the envelope that’s for the new sms message that’s white to be able to turn it the gold color Id love to chage it like it was on my T959 or have the media player from that phone too any help ???

  • Jeanine

    mines says 103.9 MB… On the 1st time i hope this is the correct update

  • temetria thomas

    it took 4 tries but it worked thank you so much

  • weaoponx

    Started dl on 1st try. My phone updated a week ago by itself, couldnt figure out why the wifes phone wouldnt. Thanks for the help.

  • bob

    worked after first clear. thank you.

  • Lil’ Alpha

    @facebook-1451169211:disqus Same here. Thanks bro. you should go to youtube and check out QBking77 who is a samsung freak mostly for sprint products.

  • 2 tries to go to 4.2.1 thanks.

  • 1st try. Thank you so much!

  • Eyny

    when i cleared the data at Google Services Framework, it doesnt show me the time (eg.1967) when i last updated it.. is there anything wrong with my procedure?

  • Shreyas Sane

    will it work with metro pcs phones?

  • missy t

    How can u tell if you have the jelly bean update? Went through the steps and no luck. ..

    • Goto Settings > About Device and if Android Version is 4.1.1 you have Jelly Bean already.

  • Fuzzy728

    I have lost count of the number of times that I and a co-worker have both tried. No dice. 🙁

  • Paul

    Needed repeat the clear data for Google Services step twice, but update began downloading after the 2nd attempt! Thanks very much. Great tip.

  • MA

    Tried it but it didn’t download 🙁

  • worked great thank you!!!! but now i lost my email notification is there a fix for it i did all normal stuff cheched all the boxes and i cant fix it.

  • nick

    will this only work on sprint 🙁 ?

    • Sprint is the only one that has released the update, thus far.

  • kberryfire2

    Help I get no clear data option, after i get to all in step 2…What am I doing wrong? Please

    • When you went to “All” did you scroll down and find “Google Services Framework”? There are ALOT of things under “All” so it can sometimes be hard to find. Take a closer look. When you find it, touch it and it will open up and you it Clear Data inside that screen.

  • JRRTolkien

    Dude! Awesome! After playing the Sprint waiting game, with your trick, I got it on my first try. Woohoo!

  • kebwizrd

    How long does the 348.7 MB download take?

    • Really depends on your connection speed. I did it on my home network, so took like 5 minutes. If you do it over the cell network, it could take some time.

  • You are awesome. Thank you! Got it on the first try!

  • darcy

    worked after 3x! you rock!! thank you so much!!

  • Robert b

    Worked the first time thanks! !

  • MissCandyCaine

    I did it it said the last update was back in 1969 tho but It’s downloading as we speak after just 1 time. Thanks!

  • IMontesque

    Got mine on the 1st time around. Thnx.

  • Jake.

    awesome worked the 3rd time. thanks a ton!

  • rrd

    Awesome. 3rd time.
    NOTE if it’s not working for you.
    1st time clearing the data, the Update Samsung Software read 12/xx/1967 (or the like) and I hit check now. It then read something like ‘recently checked/last checked’ with the time stamp.
    You have to go back and “clear data” again, and then back to “check now” until you get it. (hopefully that helps someone).

  • Anthony B

    Worked perfectly on the 3rd try got 1969nd

  • disappointed

    Tried it 20 times following instructions to the letter and no love…
    Sprint Galaxy S3

    • Interesting. You sure you don’t already have the update already? Most people are getting it within the first 5 tries. I will say, the update didn’t really seem too different. You may have already got it and not even know it.

  • Sagi

    I took 2 times for my wifes -1969 348.7 mb

  • bob

    wow, worked on the second try, thanks!

  • jb4chi

    Worked on the 1st try.

    • Aslam

      you mean, need to clear Google play service?

  • ek

    third time was the charm for me

  • SDR593

    Worked on the 2nd try. Thanks!

  • Steelmon

    Holy Cow!!! This actually worked. Took 3 times for me, but its updating now. Thanks for the awesome info. I’ve had Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7 since I got it a couple months back and have been anxious to get it on my GS3.

  • Mine reset to 1969, then went directly into update mode
    348.7 MB