Top iPhone Apps to Help Your Business

If you are running a business and have an iPhone, you need to capitalize on that phone to help your business run as smoothly as possible. While no app will replace your brains and skills, these five have features specifically designed to improve businesses. If you are not using them already, you are losing out on the opportunity to improve your efficiency and profitability as you run your business.

5. Analytics App

iPhone Analytics AppIf your business is online; the Analytics App will help you determine how effectively you are working Google. It is the only Google Analytics app with segmentation, and shows up to 55 reports. This is the most reports of any similar app, making it well worth the $6.99 price tag if you need accurate analytics results. With this app, you can check your site stats no matter where you are as long as you have your iPhone with you. You can track keywords, evaluate your content and see where leads are coming from all on your iPhone.

4. MbPointer

iPhone mbPointer AppDo you regularly attend conventions or seminars where you need to give presentations about your business? With mbPointer, you can turn your apple device into a PowerPoint slide show remote control. With this app you can launch your PowerPoint presentation remotely, scroll through the slides by just twisting or tilting your phone and add annotations using the device’s pen. This app costs $2.99, which is far less than the cost of a remote control to perform the same function.

3. Clock In

iPhone Clockin AppIf your business requires you to put in odd hours, such as client meetings after your normal business hours or driving time to and from a job, you can use Clock In to carefully track your time on your iPhone. Every time you are working, you can “clock in” on your phone. This can help you track your productivity, and if you are paid hourly by a client you can easily see how much to charge or what your final payment amount should be. The app, which works on the iPhone and iPad, costs just $0.99.

2. Evernote

iPhone Evernote AppRunning a business requires you to track multiple appointments, tasks and even your own day-to-day thoughts. Evernote is a free app that allows you to capture memos, write notes and even take snapshots on your iPhone, then sync the information with your computer. For business owners who regularly need to tap into their creativity to keep their business running smoothly, this is a valuable tool. When an idea comes to you, simply leave yourself a voice memo or note, and return to it later on your computer when you have time to put the idea into practice.

1. uCharge

iPhone uCharge AppToday’s businesses are becoming increasingly mobile, and this can be problematic if you regularly take credit card payments. With uCharge, you can turn your iPhone into a credit card terminal. Using this app, you can securely take credit card payments in the field using your phone. All you need is Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity, and the app will instantly accept or decline charges based on the credit card numbers you input.

The uCharge app is free, but you will need to pay for an account with the firm and a fee for each transaction. The monthly charge is $25, and the transaction fee is $0.30 plus 2.29 percent of the total charge. If your business has a team of salespeople, you can use one account across multiple phones. Keep in mind that the app only works with U.S.-based businesses.

Whether you need to turn your iPhone into a PowerPoint remote, payment processor or a Google Analytics tool, you can do so with the right app. Once you have the ones you need installed on your phone, you will never have an unproductive minute again. Even while waiting in line at the coffee shop, you can use your phone to keep your business profitable.

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