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Today’s world is full of on-the-go customers who have instant access to the web via their mobile phone. To properly promote your business to these customers, you need a mobile website. Creating a mobile website can be an expensive, long process requiring you to either know mobile web development or to work with a web design firm.

Did you know that there are do-it-yourself mobile website builder and generators available to use? Even better, did you know that there are FREE mobile website builders and generators out there? Below, I will feature a few of them as well as some of the features that make them stand out from the rest.

QRMobilize Free Mobile Website Builder

QRMobilize is one of my favorite generators for creating mobile websites. It is simple to use and completely free. Recently, they updated their system brining new HTML5 features to their product. Their simple to use mobile site generator runs you through a step by step process allowing you to create your mobile website in just a few minutes.
Free Mobile Website Builder


  • Always Free account available
  • Upload your own image or logo
  • Minor theming capabilities
  • Allows multiple sites under one account
  • Creates custom QR code
  • Allows multiple social media including Pinterest


Google Sites

Google sites is a simple site builder that offers a few templates and colors to choose from. Pick your type of business, pick your color choice, login to Google and create your site. If you are familiar with Google products, this mobile site creator will be easy to use.
Google Sites


  • Multiple layouts to choose from
  • Multiple colors to use
  • Ability to add maps
  • Familier Google user interface



Onbile Mobile Site Builder

Onbile is a mobile site builder with many templates to choose from. Onbile offers an always free plan, however, you will have to deal with advertisements and limited bandwidth on your page. To remove the ads, you will need to cough up a whopping $11 per month. One feature that makes Onbile stand out is the many templates you can choose from, and many color options.


  • Many premium mobile templates to choose from
  • Easy step-by-step mobile website generator
  • Ability to add maps
  • Very basic stats



More to Come

There are many free mobile website builders out there, however, they are often hard to find. Many are free to try but then start to charge you after a set amount of time. If you know of any that are completely free to use, please post them in the comments below and I will look them over and add them to this article.

Also, please feel free to show off your latest mobile site that you have created. We would love to see them.

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  • dav

    EXTREMELY WEAK REVIEW. There are others like Azon that are real good. Although at this time I’m having issues with their customer support.

  • Chris, have you found any more free mobile site builders since the publishing of this article? I am starting to investigate the use of mobile sites for several different businesses I run or consult for and would love to start offering a free service for mobile sites.