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WordPress Hosting Options 2015

There are many articles comparing different Web Hosting options, however, not all hosts are setup to make WordPress hosting in 2015 easy. In this article, I am going to cover just a few of WordPress Hosting providers in two different

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Eight Tips For Building A Loyal Blog Following

SEO can certainly take you a long way but it can’t buy you loyalty. And if there’s one thing that makes a blog profitable in the long term, it’s loyal readers. Unfortunately however, they can take quite a bit of

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How To Destroy The Competition With World Class Articles

One of the hardest things about blogging is always having something to say. You can’t just write about anything because you will scare away your visitors. Everything you put out needs to be excellent. Something that will help your readers

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Guest Blogging and Copywriting Services

One of the major things that many people don’t consider, when they work full time as writers and when they’re offering copywriting services is to offer guest posts to carefully selected sites.  Guest posts – like this one – are

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Making Your Site A DoFollow Site

First, lets start off by explaining what DoFollow is. DoFollow is actually a slang term that refers to websites that do not use the nofollow attribute in their links. Nofollow is a value added to the the rel attribute in

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Is Autoblogging Legal? Safe? Worth It?

Autoblogging. First lets start with what it is. Autoblogging is using software or plugins to automatically create and post blog articles online. Many of these blogs use adsense or click bank to generate income, in which many will say you

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Why Your Small Business Should Have a Blog

Many small businesses as well as large companies are starting to create business blogs. You may be asking yourself if your small business should have a blog. The answer is almost always “yes”. First and foremost, the blog is to

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