Making Your Site A DoFollow Site

First, lets start off by explaining what DoFollow is. DoFollow is actually a slang term that refers to websites that do not use the nofollow attribute in their links. Nofollow is a value added to the the rel attribute in a hyper link that instructs search engines not to influence rank on the link’s target.

Why Do Sites Use nofollow?

The simple answer is to reduce spam.

Now that we gave you a quick and simple answer, lets expand. Incoming links to your website or blog with the nofollow value added will not pass along page rank to your site. This means these links coming in will not help as much in all SEO aspects of your site. This rel value was created by Google back in 2005 to try and reduce the amount of comment spam that spammers posted on blogs trying to increase their search engine rank.

Why Should You Make Your Site a DoFollow Site?

Making your site a DoFollow site will encourage commenting on your blog as your visitors will want to build back links to their sites. Also, you are rewarding your visitors by offering a free ranking link back to their site for the time they took to write their comment. Having more comments on your blog will also help your SEO efforts by increasing the amount of keyword rich content on each of your pages.

What About Spam?

There is a major downside to creating a DoFollow blog…SPAM! There is no magic answer on how to stop this, however there is a way to minimize the amount of spam coming in. If you are using WordPress, you can install the Akismet plugin which filters 95% of all spam comments. The second step is to put all comments on moderation approval. Akismet should clean out most spam for you, leaving you only the valid comments and a few spam ones to sort through.

Another option is to have your comments nofollow until the visitor has made a certian number of comments on your site. At this point in time, their comments will be come DoFollow links. The only plugin that I know of for WordPress that does this is NoFollow Free.

How Do I Make My Blog a DoFollow Blog?

DoFollow is not an actual value however it is a slang term for the removing of the nofollow value. To make your blog links DoFollow links, just remove all rel=nofollow from your links. There are many plugins for WordPress that will do this automatically for you. One of the most popular ones is DoFollow Plugin.

Tell Me What You Think…

I have yet to fully implement DoFollow links into 708 Media, as I am still working on getting everything setup correctly, however I would like to hear from you on your thoughts of DoFollow. Please comment below. Thanks.

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  • Very useful and attractive. thanks for this nice thinks.

  • yes spamming fear will be there, but still i have added commentluv on my blog, will see about spams for next two weeks, if there will be lots of spams then byr bye dofollow comment system. but i am happy to share link of goo websites 😉

  • This is a good common sense Blog. Very helpful to one who is just
    finding the resources about this part. It will certainly help educate

  • i have installed a “fv community news” plugin for my wordpress site which lets visitor add their post in my site. but I believe the links are in “do-follow” format when it appears on my page sidebar. is there a way i can make them no-follow? thank you. 🙂

  • Deekrull

    Great information and good idea. My problem is my lack of experience setting all of this up. What do you suggest for computer illiterates? I have a blog through blogspot and a few others. I am very frustrated because I cannot figure out how to set some of these sites, everyone is different.

  • Do follow blogs are very nice for backlinking, but it will increase the spamming. Currently I choose for nofollow, but perhaps I will make it dofollow in the future again.
    Altrough having a good anti spam system is always the best solution.

  • Yes, spam is the biggest concern here. I get a ridiculous amount of spam as it is with a no follow blog – but you’re right, if we want to encourage real people with opinions to comment – and to engage with our readers, giving them a decent link for their efforts is a small price.

  • This is a great way to encourage not only things like quality readership, but also encourage community between websites, not just individual website interaction. Really cool concept – I’m definitely going to be looking into implementing this in Joomla.

  • I see that there are many sites that support and hopefully Dofollow removed the No-Follow

  • Do follow blogs are blessing,providing opportunity to get backlinks.
    But exponentially increasing rate of spamming has made it difficult for all others using proper means of getting backlinks.Now blogger gets suspicious with the keywords in post and the comment is deleted assuming it to be spam.
    I request please don’t spam.At least add some useful information that makes blogger happy.

  • I was afraid of Google reducing my search rankings because of dofollow links but it seems that there are plenty of do follow sites that rank well.

    • As far as I know, Google won’t penalize you. You could however lose page rank since now you are sharing “link juice” with all comments. I do think it increases interaction which in turn brings in more links and followers which will then help you out.