Is Autoblogging Legal? Safe? Worth It?

Autoblogging. First lets start with what it is. Autoblogging is using software or plugins to automatically create and post blog articles online. Many of these blogs use adsense or click bank to generate income, in which many will say you can make thousands a month. The way autoblogging works is it downloads RSS feeds into your blog automatically and posts them online. Some go even as far as to rearrange them to make the content look new and different. I am here to tell you what I have learned about auto blogging.

The first question to ask is autoblogging legal? The quick answer to this is yes and no. It can be legal if you do it correctly. As long as syndication permission has been given by the content creator, you should by fine. Normally press release feeds, some news feeds, article directories and a few RSS feeds will allow this. Many blogs do not give you this permission though. Also, many that allow syndication will ask for you to provide credit and a link back to their site. The key to finding out if it is legal for you to autoblog is to make sure you know all the places your content is coming from and what their rules are. With most autoblogging software, you do not have this option as they just find RSS feeds and articles from all over that are related to your keywords. This does not make it easy for you stay on the legal side.

Besides legalities, you also may get yourself blacklisted from the search engines. Google is not very pleased with you downloading and reposting the content to build a blog full of adsense content. This is exactly what your doing with autoblogging. If you do a search on Google for autoblogging, you will find forums where people are asking about autoblogging and how much money they can make with it. On top of that, all sites that sell autoblogging software talk only about how you can make thousands for doing nothing all day. This is exactly the reason why Google does not like it. It is duplicated content being posted solely for the purpose to fool search hits into your site for profit.

The next big question many ask is what we just talked about. Does autoblogging bring in a lot of easy income? Again, I must give you an unclear answer on this one also, yes and no. There are a few out there that are making big bucks off of autoblogging. These are the people you hear about. These are the ones you see listed in the sales page for autoblogging software. These are the few that have figured out how to beat the system. The average user, well they do not make much. Yes, it is possible to make a quality autoblog that generates 100-200 bucks a month, however you will not be able to crank out many of these quality ones as they take time to manage. The biggest challenged is keeping your self from getting banned from adsense, banned by your webhost for reposting copyrighted material or blacklisted by Google. Once this happens, all you work you put into that site is gone. I have yet to fully divulge into autobloging so therefore I can not tell you what my own personal gains or losses were using this method. I would direct you to do some Google searches for things such as “autoblogging results” or “autoblogging income”.

Is autoblogging good or is autoblogging worth it? Again, I must say it has worked for some, however I would venture to say it is not the best business to get into. To most blog owners who write their own articles, they would say it is unethical and unfair to them. If you take their article they put time into and post it on your site just so you can make a buck, it is just wrong. Autoblogging requires a lot of work to keep your self from getting shut down, banned or even sued. Sure, autoblogging software companies will tell you it takes 10 minutes to setup and your done, however if you do autoblogging the legal and correct way, it will take A LOT more time than that.

I encourage those that have used autoblogging software to post comments below sharing how your results have been. I, as well as my readers would be interested to know ball park how much money you make and how much time you put in. Also, we would love to know what autoblogging software you use and what your autoblogging results are.

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  • There cannot be any short cut for hard-work. And I really don’t think it is of any value if one has a fully automated blog as it’s full of duplicate content. It should be a mix of original and syndicated content, to keep the blog updated regularly. And one must always give a link back to the source.

  • Great post on the pro and cons of autoblogging. It is definitely not the holy grail of blogging so to speak. There is no such thing as a complete automated single push button blogging system. Such as system simply does not exist at all. After all, autoblogging works on the principle of pulling content from other websites such as those from RSS feeds, product review sites, PLR materials, all of which are not unique contents.

    There are two sides to the arguments as far as legality is concern. On one hand, there are those who believe content aggregation is legal so long as due credit is given to the originator of the source content. Critics of autoblogging on the other hand points out to content spinning applied to the contents pulls from other websites as some form of attempt to fool search engines to prevent duplicate content detection. The problem though is that most content spinning through autoblogging system usually results in translated content that is hardly readable and Google do not like such blogs.

    Last but not least, it is a matter of time Goggle close this gap and rule out any benefits attributed to autoblogs. See Google recent announcement on content duplication and contents that are pull from other sources. Mon, January 24, 2011 10:35:33 PM

  • I use RSS feed syndication from BBC and CNN, for 2 months, and all is fine and no banned from Google :). Yes, we must still own our original content. Auto content RSS feed syndication is just secondary content to improve traffics. Good post anyway!

  • I used autoblogging to make a little money with eBay and Amazon feeds but it’s small amounts over a period of time and nothing big right away.